’90 Day Fiance’: Larissa Lima Slams TLC On Footage

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90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Lima vented about TLC on December 17. She seems exceptionally unhappy that the franchise still uses footage of her after she got fired. And, she thinks that’s very unfair. Perhaps she talks about the new spinoffs coming from TLC via Discovery+ streaming.

90 Day Fiance – Larissa Lima furious with TLC

We reported that the new streaming service brings four new spinoffs. These include 90 Day Bares All hosted by Shaun Robinson. Apparently, fans see some of the more risqué” scenes they never previously aired. Certainly, Larissa could feature there. After all, she got dumped for her light porn on CamSoda. Actually, almost any of the new spinoffs could also feature her. These include The Other Way Strikes Back, 90 Day Diaries, and 90 Day Journey.

Larissa Lima broke up with her boyfriend, Eric Nichols, after she got fired. So, fans assumed that’s the last they see of her on 90 Day Fiance. But it might not work out like that. They apparently remain together, according to Screenrant. But even so, TLC rarely brings back people they fire. And, no matter what the ex-cast member does, they probably still own all the rights to the 90 Day Fiance footage filmed by Sharp Productions. That gets Larissa worked up with fury.

Larissa rages about TLC using her footage

On December 17, Larissa lambasted TLC on her Instagram Stories. She said, “Excuse me, TLC, I do not understand why you would want [to] air my storyline.” Then, she talked sarcastically about fitting the “wholesome image” of the franchise. The fact that she shared some videos for “adult entertainment” made her ineligible. Next, Larissa slammed their “hypocrisy” as they previously hosted “felons” and “adult entertainers.” Accusing them of not feeling her good enough for the show, them airing her scenes again sits badly with Larissa.

At the end of her rant, Larissa told the 90 Day Fiance network, that she feels grateful she’s free and emancipated from them. Actually, some hypocrisy certainly seems evident if they use her footage but fired her for unsuitability. But, is there anything she can actually do about it? Well, blogger John Yates screenshot her rant and shared it on his Instagram. In the comments, TLC star Evelin Villegas pointed out something interesting about their contracts.

90 day Fiance Larissa Lima


TLC contracts small print

John Yates captioned his post with, “From Larissa to Sharp.” Plus, he mentioned Eric and Larissa seem on good terms again. Evelin Villegas posted in the comments, “[Our] contracts say they own our footage they filmed for eternity. No joke eternity!” So, tough on Larissa, it seems. Many people wonder why these people pay so little attention when signing contracts like this for 90 Day Fiance.

Clearly, apart from ranting, Larissa Lima can only look on in fury.

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