Things Get Heated With Tayshia Adams Men On Aftershow

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After Tayshia Adams chose her four final men then the Men Tell All came on so they could discuss what happened. Chris Harrison promised a lot of drama and it didn’t disappoint. There were a lot of emotions running high during a season like no other. First, there was the national pandemic where everyone was isolated. Then, there were two bachelorettes, Clare and Tayshia.

Off the bat, Chris asked Ed why he and Chasen didn’t get along. Ed didn’t hold back saying there were a lot of things including his idiotic voice. He said the main thing that bothered him about Chasen was the way he used the same verbiage for both women. He thought Chasen was only there for more likes and social media status. Demar defended him.

Demar said that might have been true for him, he could have felt, “magic,” with both women. He didn’t think Ed could decide what was true for Chasen’s journey.

Tayshia Adams’ Men Kept Fighting On The Show

Tayshia Adams had a lot of passionate and emotionally available men this season. The next two to talk about their disagreements were Bennett and Noah. The two of them were at each other’s throats for most of their time on the show.

Noah said he had, “no control over Bennett’s insecurities,” to which the Harvard graduate blew a raspberry. Bennett said Noah created every bit of tension between the two of them. Kenny backed Bennett up saying Noah brought in the dramas. Noah said, “this is coming from the one direction party-boy manager.”

Jason chimed in and said Bennett was always respectful towards him. Blake agreed he was to him as well. He said there were some times when he was disrespectful to others.  Noah said they wouldn’t be friends after the show and Bennett was fine with it.

An Unaired Blake Scene Showed Him Charged

An unaired scene where Blake and Tayshia Adams visited the intimacy guru showed she focused on Blake’s libido. The woman was circling a crystal over his belly and said, “his energy was pure and simple magic.” Blake laughed after the clip and said, “I’m not shy.”

They also revisited when Ed tried to find Tayshia’s room and went to Chris’s instead. Chris invited him in for a drink. Ed said he was glad he found him because, “he could teach him a lot of love.”

Tayshia Adams, Instagram

The Bachelorette Herself Made An Appearance

Tayshia Adams came out to face the guys for the first time since she said goodbye. Chris asked her about some of her men. First, Noah she said just had an amazing energy and he brought that out in her. She discussed how hard it was sending Blake home. He said if they’d had more time maybe it would have worked. She said more than time factored into her decision.

Riley’s breakup had just aired on the show and felt the freshest. When he tried to talk about it, he choked up. Tayshia went over and gave him a hug. He told her he fell hard for her. She told him he’d make an amazing husband and father to some lucky girl.

Now, there are only three episodes left, and everyone is emotional. Who do you think Tayshia is going to pick? Comment below with your thoughts.

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