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Danielle Busby Makes A Random Kid’s Day Special


Danielle Busby still shares photos of their Thanksgiving vacation at Broken Bow Vacation Cabins. Lots of photos came out from Adam and Danielle and they thoroughly enjoyed it. So much, so that days after they returned home, the OutDaughtered mom still reminisces about their family time. In one of those posts, she made a random kid’s day.

Danielle Busby still shares about hiking the Friends Trail

On Wednesday, December 9, Danielle shared yet another photo of herself with some of the kids on the Friends Trail. We reported that the family enjoyed their first real hike as a family. And, Danielle did one of her famous handstands right on the edge of a cliff. Clearly, they loved the experience so much, fans of OutDaugtered see them doing more of that.

Hopefully, Adam Busby makes a video and pops it up on his YouTube vlog soon. Initially, some critics slammed Adam and Danielle Busby for traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday. Popculture noted that Adam slapped back at critics. Some people who even claim they unfollowed him and OutDaughtered star grew terribly angry. So, Adam said that they follow the “guidelines for traveling safely.”

Putting up with critics but Danielle still does kind things for fans

Adam also noted that he and Danielle Busby did nothing” against the law.” Additionally, he wrote, “If you think you can’t walk out of your door without getting a serious illness, then by all means stay home.” Despite their popularity as parenting goals and wholesome videos, many people find any excuse to troll on TLC the couple. But somehow, Danielle finds it in her to be kind. And, she made a random kid’s day very precious.

In the OutDaughtered mom’s December 9 post, she shared a photo of her some of the kids at a river. She captioned it with, “Always surrounded by little ladies 💕.” In the comments section of the post, one TLC fan wrote, “It’s my daughter Destiny’s birthday today … 11 year … It would be so nice if you could wish her a happy birthday… Thank you.” Well, Danielle Busby replied. She said, “happy birthday 🎉.”

Danielle Busby OutDaughtered makes kids day special
Danielle Busby | Instagram

Random kindness for a kid

Danielle Busby probably never met Destiny or her mom. In fact, she might never meet them in real life either. Busy with her brood of six daughters, coping with health issues and work pressure, she still took the time to make a random act of kindness. And, that’s why TLC fans love her so much. Actually, the family professes to follow the Christian faith. And, that sort of action makes other believers admire the family even more.

What do you think about Danielle Busby of OutDaughtered taking the time to make a random kid’s day? Sound off in the comments below.

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