‘1000-LB Sisters’ Fans React To New Season On TLC

1000-LB Sisters returns to TLC in the new year. Fans seem very excited about it and they reacted to the poster that Amy Slaton shared on her Instagram account. Actually, some fans seem rather more happy about Amy Slaton Halterman returning than her sister Tammy.

1000-LB Sisters returns in January, fans love Amy Slaton’s storyline

We reported that Tammy Slaton told her fans she went down with COVID-9 and fans might see something of that in the new season. And in fact, she blamed the quarantine for her regaining the weight she previously lost. But, some fans simply disbelieved her. She’s so high risk, that some fans believed she went for her tummy surgery. Not wanting to spoil that, they suspect she just blamed COVID-19. And, they said as much again when Amy Slaton shared her poster for the show.

Well at this time, nobody knows if she already went for her surgery. Bear in mind, she admitted she gained weight. And in the last season of 1000-LB Sisters, Dr. Procter refused her surgery as she only lost a small amount weight required for it.

Adverts for the show also revealed that she could barely manage a few steps with a walker. So, it sounds doubtful she lost enough weight to qualify. While fans remain skeptical about Tammy, they welcomed the news that Amy fell pregnant.

Amy expects her first child

Recall, Amy Slaton wanted a baby with her new husband. And, we noted that she got her wish. So, the storyline of her pregnancy brings happy news for TLC fans. Amy shared the link where People carried more details about it. The outlet reported that she and her hubby Michael now expect their first baby, well ahead of the time Dr. Procter recommended. Well, that might bring some health concerns, but for now, Amy just feels thrilled. And her fans also feel excited for her.

In the 1000-LB Sisters promo post, Amy Slaton wrote, “Wondering what the Slaton sisters have been up to? See our journey continue on a new season of #1000lbSisters, returning to TLC Monday, January 4.” Some TLC fans who reacted seemed a bit down on Tammy as she randomly “blocks” people for no reason. But, most of the comments sounded very positive.

1000-LB Sisters fans react to the return of Amy and Tammy Slaton
Amy Slaton Halterman | Instagram

Fans react to the new season news

After complaining about Tammy who seems a bit intolerant, some nicer comments followed. Here’s what a few  1000-LB Sisters fans said:

  • “Yessss, I love you ladies and I can’t wait to see your progress.”
  • “Yayyy!!! I cant wait 💕 I love y’all.”
  • “I’m so proud of you @amyslaton_halterman you’ve came so far! Hopefully Tammy will get on the bandwagon❤️.”
  • “omg no way!! LOVE these two and can’t wait to see what has happened! I can’t wait to tell my mom they have another season!!.”

As you can see, it looks like the show pulls in a lot of happy viewers once again. Are you happy that 1000-LB Sisters returns? What about the news that Amy Slaton expects a baby? Sound off in the comments below.

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