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Kelly Ripa Fans Rejoice For Her As Mark Returns Home

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Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos spent months apart. And, over the past week, the Live! With Kelly and Ryan star shared her countdown to his return from Vancouver, Canada. Recall, he went there to film for Riverdale. And, because of coronavirus restrictions, Kelly couldn’t see him. Now he’s finally home and her fans rejoice for both of them.

Kelly Ripa photobombs her family reunion dinner with Mark

We reported a week ago, that Kelly shared how excited she felt because Mark “comes home soon.” Of course, fans became familiar with Kelly sharing rather intimate details about their intimate antics. So, fans told her to “get a room.” After all, the kids might feel a bit embarrassed if they simply rip their clothes off each other. Fans asked that she shares photos of their reunion, sans any bedroom scenes. And, Kelly did just that.

Typically Kelly Ripa though, she photobombed in her picture on Instagram. Mind you, fans quite liked the way she did it. At the very least, we know exactly who to credit for the shot of the family at the dinner table. The photo revealed Mark, her nephew, and their three kids sitting down to a meal. And, in the reflection of the mirror, fans saw Kelly taking the snap of her family.

Tacos and Tamales get fans slavering

Pure Wow focused on the delicious-looking meal that the family enjoyed with Mark at home. They wrote, the “Ripa-Consuelos family marked the special occasion with a lavish dinner, complete with tacos and tamales.” Well, it looked so delicious, that some Live! With Ryan and Kelly fans felt compelled to immediately go and find some for themselves. One fan asked a friend, “are you jealous of Kelly’s tamales on the table..??” And another one noted, “do I spy Tamales? Mexican heaven. Lol!”

But others just loved the way Kelly Ripa photobombed in the mirror. One of her fans wrote, “Happy for your family. Love Mom in the photo too via the mirror.” Then others chimed in their thoughts on  that:

  • “Momma’s in there too! *see mirror* 😜😍❤️.”
  • “awww…we see u in the mirror Kelly! Cute❤️👍👍.”
  • “Love how you also made the picture.”
  • “The mirror reflection is my favorite part! “
  • “Love the Picture !! Your even in it lol ( mirror ) Glad your reunited with your sweetie! (sic).”
  • “I had to zoom in and look at you😂.”
  • “I LOVE how kelly is in the photo too.”

As you can see, fans of Kelly Ripa certainly didn’t mind her photobombing the way she did.

Kelly Ripa Mark Consuelos and the kids
Kelly Ripa | Instagram

Fans happy for Kelly and Mark

Many Live! With Kelly and Ryan fans told Kelly Ripa and Mark how happy felt for them to reunite. In fact, some of them sound almost as happy and Kelly. And Mark looks super-peased to be home at last. When Bravo’s Andy Cohen commented and said, “reunited,” Kelly replied, “And it feels so good!”

So, are you happy Mark has returned home?

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