Isabel Rock, The Wife Of Jacob Roloff Sells Poetry

Isabel Rock

Isabel Rock, Jacob Roloff’s wife, comes and goes on Instagram. But when she shares something, she usually says something positive. 2020, a hard year for everyone, also felt hard for her, but she still remains positive. Now, she revealed that she still writes poetry and you can buy it from her.

Isabel Rock sounds positive at the moment

We reported that Isabel felt that after a year of marriage to Jacob Roloff, that it was rather challenging being a wife. Well, if 2019 seemed hard, the coronavirus probably brought a lot more challenges. And we reminded fans that Isabel Roloff experienced a lot of tragedy in her life. Recall that when she married, she honored her mom and brother who passed away. And, sometimes she struggles with coping with her life. Fans don’t see much of her as she and Jacob don’t appear on Little People, Big World.

What fans see is a young woman trying to find positivity and happiness. Popculture noted that recently Isabel shared a “powerful message.” Part of it read, “2020 was “a hell of a year.” Nevertheless she feels “just so happy” at the moment. Clarifying, she said she “arrives at a place where I love myself so much.” So, the “rest always falls into place.” After her positive message, Isabel Rock later took to Instagram again. And this time, she told her followers that she sells her poetry.

Poetry for sale by Isabel

On Sunday, December 6, Isabel, the wife of Jacob Roloff told her fans that she writes a poetry book. Furthermore, LPBW fans can order their own poems from her. Interestingly, she handwrites her poetry and then posts it off to buyers on a postcard. Her photo revealed some of the postcards. And her caption read, “As a fun way to get you excited, I’m writing you postcards with poems from the book as little sneak peaks .”

Fans already said they ordered some of them. Over on Jacob and Isabel Rock’s website, Rock & Roloff, she gave more details. When people buy the postcards with her poetry they come with some of Jacob Roloff’s photos. Little people, Big World fans know that both Jeremy and Jacob Roloff seem very good at taking photos. So, in a way, it’s a very unique idea by Isabel.

Isabel Rokc Jacob Roloff poems
Isabel Rock | Instagram

How the sales work

Isabel explained that when TLC fans buy her poetry they can select a “random” page number and she will send it off to them, Unfortunately, it doesn’t say how many pages come in the poetry book. Irrespective, one postcard costs $4.49 with tax included.

Obviously, the idea of a postcard from Isabel Rock and Jacob Roloff of Little People, Big World fame appeals to a lot of people. Fans told Isabel on her Instagram they “love the idea.”

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