Jeremy Vuolo & Jinger Criticized For Breaking Lockdown

Jeremy Vuolo Jinger Duggar

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger moved to Los Angeles and right now they might regret that. The city comes under strict lockdown as COVID-19 cases rise. And, many people complain that some of the restrictions seem too tight and even nonsensical. Now a TLC fan took issue with the Counting On couple.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger take a drive in LA

Some fans previously slammed Jinger and Jeremy for not taking care with masks and social distancing. But that came ages ago. More often, these days, they seem very careful about it. And in fact, we reported that they complained about In-N-Out Burger. Specifically, they hated that employees seemed too close together. They shared a clip that revealed the lack of space showed the employees “physically touching as they reached and grabbed in similar places.”

Of course, these days, forget about places like burger outlets. Or, any other dining facility, actually. The Guardian reported that the tighter lockdown means many places shut up, boarded up and stand empty. But they also noted that it seems incongruous that outdoor eateries are closed. Meanwhile, “the city metro was in fact staying open, as were shopping malls…tennis courts, hiking trails, bicycle repair shops.” But other rules meant that possibly Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger broke the lockdown decree.

Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger go for a drive
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Confusing lockdown in LA

When the fan accused the Counting On couple of breaking lockdown rules, perhaps it’s understandable. But perhaps, they never even realized they possibly broke the rules. Fortune reported that “that all businesses in the city that require people to work on location must stop operations. Walking, driving, travel on public transport, bikes, motorcycles and scooters are prohibited, other than for those undertaking essential activities.” But as noted by The Guardian, places like the Pier seem crowded with almost no social distancing.

In the malls, people move around in fairly crowded conditions. And, Jon Favreau, of “Pod Save America… tweeted that communication about the rules was “atrocious – confusing, contradictory and overly officious.” Jeremy Vuolo and his wife Jinger popped the kids in the car and went for a drive. They remained in their vehicle. But a critic noted, “Isn’t there a stay at home mandate. You are to stay home unless you really need something from the store.”

Fans defend the Counting On couple

Many fans obviously think all these confusing regulations go over the top. One of them said, “That stay at home mandate is to keep you from going out and interfacing with other people who might be contagious but there is nothing wrong with going for a ride in the car with your family as long as you aren’t going to come in contact with anyone else.”

The complaining fan argued, “stay at home means to keep your ass at home. This is why covid is so bad.” Then, another supporter of Jeremy Vuolo and Jinger noted, “They were in their car gees!”

What do you think? Is it really bad taking a drive? Meanwhile, shopping malls remain open and crammed with people. Sound off in the comments below.

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