Janelle Brown Reveals Yet Another Talent Of Garrison

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Janelle Brown of Sister Wives seems to have a very talented son in Robert Garrison. The fourth child of Kody and Janelle, it seems he’s a bit of a chip off Janelle’s dad’s old block. Fans already heard that he became passionate and rather good at photography. And now, it turns out that he’s really good at carpentry as well.

Janelle Brown shares about Garrison and his talent

Earlier this year, we reported that  Garrison only occasionally shared photos on his Instagram. But in 2020, he suddenly started sharing lots of scenic pictures. Fans loved his photos, especially his night shots of the sky. Plus, he gave Maddie Brown Brush a lot of advice about taking really good photos. Garrison, who prefers the name Robert often shares his photos on Instagram these days and wows TLC fans with his talent.

Fairly quiet on Instagram about his career, and seldom seen on the show, he garnered a lot of admirers. Recall that he joined the National Guard. And a lot of people thank him for his service. Most of the news that fans see about Garrison comes via his mom Janelle Brown. And, as she said he’s good at carpentry this weekend, fans like him even more. It seems that a man who’s good with his hands really attracts girls.

Photo of Janelle’s son reveals him hard at work

On Sunday, Janelle shared her photo of Garrison. He worked on a table. The Sister Wives mom captioned her post admiringly. It read, “Garrison is building me a table! There is a long line of carpenters on my dad’s side of the family. Maybe he has picked up that torch.” Of course, fans hope that once the table is complete that she shares the “final product.”

In the comments section of the post by Janelle Brown, Sister Wives fans declared their admiration for Garrison. Out of luck with getting the girls? Perhaps woodwork is worth taking the time to learn, judging by the comments. One fan said, ” I…always found men who…build things and repair stuff with their hands to be very s*xy and interesting.”

Janelle Brown of Sister Wives Garrison
Janelle Brown | Instagram

Fans love men who get off the keyboard and work hard

Way too many men who work very hard for an income end up living the nine to five lifestyle. And, they certainly look forward to resting up at night. But, those people who escape that probably have more time for craftsmanship. So many people agreed that homemade things bring them a lot of joy and fond memories of those who came before them. And they enjoy having something to look at, hold, and touch in remembrance of those who passed on.

One TLC fan of  Janelle Brown commented, “that’s so beautiful to have something handmade like that. What beautiful children you have a great beautiful family.”

Actually, whether you love the Sister Wives show or hate it, it seems like Jenelle Brown and Kody certainly made some nice kids together.

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