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Savannah Chrisley Spills What She’s Buying Her Family For Christmas

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Savannah Chrisley recently spilled the beans on what she plans to buy her family members for Christmas. While we can only assume Savannah is well off financially, her Christmas gift plans aren’t as extravagant as you might assume. In fact, she has a pretty simple plan for Christmas. And, it’s pretty ingenious.

Savannah Chrisley plans to power up her family for Christmas

Speaking exclusively to Page Six, Savannah admits that her family is always running out of one simple thing. Phone chargers. She explains it doesn’t seem to matter how many chargers are within the Chrisley house. They are always fighting over them. And, they reach a point where no one can find any. So, she’s decided to take the problem into her own hands. And, she has a solution that she thinks will work for everyone.

It may not sound that great, but phone chargers in the Chrisley household tend to go missing all the time. So I love these portable phone chargers, but I think I’m going to have them engraved so that you can’t steal one and say that it’s yours.”

Savannah believes she can end a lot of chaos because you can no longer fight over charges if your charger is personalized with your name on it. Now, this probably won’t stop some members of the family from losing their chargers. But, this is going to narrow down who is better at hanging onto them.

She proceeds to offer a Christmas related update

Savannah and her family are currently hard at work filming the newest season of the series. And, they’ve just started to decorate for the holidays. Savannah admits decorating for Christmas is a lot of fun for her. She uses it as a way to “escape” from the real world and real world problems. Turns out, Julie Chrisley is pretty sentimental when it comes to Christmas ornaments too.

“My mom has always kept every ornament we’ve ever made. So those are super fun to kind of go through and look at,” she explained.

Savannah Chrisley Gets Into The Christmas Spirit

As far as Savannah’s decorating skills go… She admits she’s a bit “tacky.” But, she doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with over-the-top tacky Christmas decorations.

But I can get a bit tacky at times. I have no issues in saying that. I love all the red and green, and so I have one tree that’s super tacky and it looks like elves threw up on it. Great way to go!”

What do you think about Savannah Chrisley stuffing her family member’s stockings with some personalized phone chargers? Do you think it is a great idea? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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