Savannah Chrisley Gets Christmas Spirit

Savannah Chrisley Gets Into The Christmas Spirit

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Savannah Chrisley already turned her thoughts to Christmas. And, she made a lot of people happy about their own Christmas season as well. Her Sassy Savannah makeup line came out in time for deliveries during the festive season. Now, like many other celebs who think 2020 should just go away in a hurry, the Chrisley Knows Best star gets into the Christmas spirit as Thanksgiving weekend comes to an end.

Savannah Chrisley decorated her Christmas tree already

In her Instagram Stories, just ahead of Thanksgiving, Savannah shared a photo on her Instagram stories. Her tree looks peaceful, serene, and tasteful. Peace and serenity seem mixed into Savannah right now, despite her split from Nic Kerdiles this year. And, the successful launch of her dream makeup kits certainly brought a flourish to her year. Determined to stay cheerful and sassy, it looks like Christmas this year will see happy celebrations in the Chrisley Knows Best family.

Christmas tree decorating traditionally begins on the fourth Sunday of advent, for Christians. And that falls on November 29 this year.  But this year, some people started decorating back after Halloween. And, other people enjoy putting up their trees on December 1. No hard and fast rules, mean that your tree could go up at almost any time after the beginning of November. And in 2020, more people on social media started a bit earlier than usual. So, if Savannah Chrisley wants to enjoy her tree a little bit early, why not?

Savannah Chrisley
Savannah Chrisley | Instagram Stories

Christmas decorations make you happy

Business Insider reported that Amy Morin, a psychotherapist, licensed clinical social worker, and mental strength coach, thinks Christmas decorating makes people feel better. Of course, the season always brings a “hint of nostalgia,” but pretty things make people feel happy. And, with so many people working from home now, a bit of a mood lift’s beneficial.

So, like Savannah Chrisley, if your tree’s not up yet, why not get it up now? If you follow TLC’s OutDaughtered, before Thanksgiving, the Busby Family already put up their Christmas stockings, And of course, there’s one for little Beaux dog. Similarly, CBS News 8 reported that “although Thanksgiving just ended, it isn’t stopping anyone from getting into the Christmas spirit!” And surely, like Savannah Chrisley, many citizens there look forward to a happier time of the year.

Will 2021 be a better year?

It almost feels like a collective feeling blows across the world that New Year ushers in better days. Will 2021 be a better year? Well, the coronavirus still impacts a lot of lives. But, news of a vaccine brings a glimmer of hope to many people. Or, at least a hope that the deadly virus just goes away somehow. It’s human nature to hope. Since the dawn of time, no doubt, people who experienced bad things cling to hope that good things might come.

And, for Christians like Savannah Chrisley, their faith in God helps them cope. Ever faithful, ever hopeful, they cling to the idea that God’s in control. But, you don’t need to practice Christianity to hope or enjoy a little Christmas cheer early this year.

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