Kaitlyn Bristowe Launches New Cabernet Sauvignon

Kaitlyn Bristowe

Kaitlyn Bristowe seems remarkably successful in 2020. Many people struggle both financially and emotionally this year. But for the Bachelorette alum, everything seems wonderful. She and Jason Tartick look deeply in love,Β  and she released her song If I’m Being Honest. Crowning her year with the Mirror Ball Trophy, she achieved another dream. And now, she launched a new Cabernet Sauvignon for her successful wine store.

Kaitlyn Bristowe ‘manifests’ her dreams

We reported on December 1, that the Dancing With the Stars winner shared about achieving dreams. Taking to her Instagram, she talked about how she “manifests” her successes before she achieves them. Actually, a lot of self-help books talk about the same thing. Kaitlyn recommended that fans write down their dream and “look at it every day.” Plus, she said they should “picture their dream” coming true.”

In other words, you need to hold your dream uppermost in your mind all the time. Imagine it already happened. And then work hard towards your goal. Well, Kaitlyn Bristowe certainly seems to manage the approach to success with a lot of dedication. Those fans who follow her on social media know that she suffers some moments of doubt and insecurity. But, she won’t let that stop her. Did you know that she also runs a successful wine store?

Kaitlyn launches her new Cabernet Sauvignon wine

Taking to Instagram on December 3, Kaitlyn shared a promo video for her new wine. Actually, a lot of fans loved the music and appreciated the entertaining promo. Her caption read “CABS ARE HERE!!!!” Plus, she added, “My new DELISH cab sauv that dropped today. Ugh. It’s so good. And The bottle is new and oh so chic.” The Dancing With the Stars winner also talked about taste-testing it.

ABC fans enjoyed the promo so much. One of them said, “Omgggg @carol.temp I need to try her cab 😍😍😍.” And another one noted, “I know what we are doing next girls’ night lol.” Plenty of other fans of Kaitlyn Brisowe sound rather keen on trying out the new wine. And. lot of them said that she “crushed it” with her promo. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of sassy advertising. So, it looks like she’s pretty good at that as well. No doubt lots of Bacheloreet/DWTS fans head on over to her online wine store.

Kaitlyn Bristowe launches new wine
Kaitlyn Bristowe | Instagram

Checking out the wine store

Kaitlyn’s wine store offers more than just a selection of bottles. If fans join the “Spade and Arrows Wine Club,” they get discounts on purchases and shipping. Plus, “virtual meetups” with Kaitlyn. But, you needn’t join up and anyone can purchase the products online. So far, she brings five different products. Unfortunately, the Dew Holiday Gift Set already sold out. But, she brings other choices.

Kaitlyn Bristowe offers a Rose, a Pinot Grigo. and a Pinot Noir. Now, she added her new wine, the
2018 Cabernet Sauvignon. A Californian wine, she describes it as having “notes of blackberry, plum and sweet cherry with aromas of vanilla, cocoa and delicate rosemary.” Certainly, it sounds delicious for wine lovers.

On another note, if you love Kaitlyn Bristowe’s music, you can also find the full lyrics of If I’m Being Honest and Good For Somebody on the site. Actually, with those playing in the background, it might create the perfect ambiance for enjoying her new wine.

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