Maddie Brown Brush Twins With Evie K, ‘Sister Wives’ Fans Love It

Maddie Brown Brush and Evie K

Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb went through a difficult year. They made some difficult decisions and choices for their daughter Evie K. But, things seem a bit better now. Evie underwent her amputation and got a false leg fitted. And, TLC fans like that they allow people into their lives to raise awareness for FATCO. And now, Maddie twinned with Evie K Sister Wives fans think she wins in that area.

Maddie Brown Brush explained that Evie K walks unaided

Sister Wives fans heard with joy that Evie K took her first unaided steps over Thanksgiving. No doubt, a lot of grateful happiness erupted on that day. So, it looks like a bright Christmas comes for the family. TLC fans love that Maddie looks so happy and delighted for her little girl. Imagine the heartbreaking feelings that went into the decision for a radical amputation for her one-year-old!

The Hollywood Gossip noted that Maddie Brown Brush really inspires her fans in the face of adversity. Plus, they see that already, Evie K shows tremendous determination. Many fans agree that Evie K’s a fighter and she won’t let anything stop her. The outlet reminds fans that FATCO comes along rarely. The syndrome means that “bones in extremities do not fully develop.” With those early difficult days behind her, Maddie just delighted fans by twinning with her daughter.

Twinning with her daughter is a big hit for fans

On November 30, Maddie shared a photo of herself with Evie K in the backyard. She picked her daughter up and kissed her And, the sweet little smile on Evie’s face melted Sister Wives fans. Her caption read, “Little does she know this is going to be a regular!” Well, perhaps she talked about cuddles and kisses. However, fans thought she talked about twinning with Evie. After all, they both wore the same outfits.

Maddie Brown Brush wore a V-necked tee-shirt, blue jeans, and white sneakers. And cute Evie wore the same. The sweet little girl also wore her hair up with the tiniest ponytail. One fan wrote, “Look at her tiny ponytail!!”

Next, someone said, “She’s your mini-me.” Speaking about twinning, a fan commented: “Twinning is winning.” Actually, fans loved the matching outfits.

Maddie Brown Brush twins with Evie K
Maddie Brown Brush | Instagram

Axel adores his little sister

Axel also adores his sister. When she first tried out her false leg, he helped Evie stand up on the lawn. That photo sent a message that seemed so sweet, fans gushed over it. No doubt, as Evie K grows, she’ll face more challenges. But, one thing for sure, fans think that big brother Axel won’t stand for anyone being horrid to his little sister.

What did you think of Maddie Brown Brush twinning with Evie K? Do agree they look adorable together? Sound off in the comments below.

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  1. It’s lovely to see a healthy, functioning family emerge from the train wreck that is the Browns. Despite the atrocious example set by Kody, there’s hope for the rest of the kids to form balanced, mutually respectful relationships in the future.

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