Lisa Vanderpump Slams Gavin Newsom, Things Get Messy On Twitter

Lisa Vanderpump slams Gavin Newsom

Lisa Vanderpump obviously agrees with critics who think Gavin Newsom’s a bit hypocritical. Recall, he broke his own code on social gatherings and masks when he attended a 50th birthday party earlier this month. The French Laundry incident quickly made it to the media. Later, he apologized for his mistake. But some people feel it’s unforgivable. And Lisa slammed him on November 23.

Lisa Vanderpump slams Gavin Newsome after getting her own critics

We reported back in September that critics slammed Lisa for celebrating her 60th birthday during the pandemic. Actually, she took her party outside, unlike the event Gavin attended. But critics hated that she celebrated as her own restaurant closed due to the coronavirus. Many people thought her party came at a bad time and pretty much revealed “poor taste.” And now she hit out at Gavin Newsom.

Potentially, when Lisa Vanderpump slammed Gavin Newsom, it might be because he now touts for mass vaccinations in California. Mind you, he acknowledges that it might start slowly. Or, possibly she slammed Gavin because news arrived that he and his family now self-quarantine for COVID-19. Apparently, they came across a Highway Patrol officer who tested positive for it. Whatever her motives, clearly, the matriarch of Vanderpump Rules nurses issues with him.

Things get messy on Lisa’s Twitter

Taking to her Twitter on November 23, Lisa tweeted, “Don’t do as I do, do as I say.#lockdown. #restaurants.
@GavinNewsom.” Well, lots of people agreed that Gavin seemed a bit hypocritical, but others slammed the Bravo star. One of them wrote, “Wow super disappointing to see you use your platform in this way.” And another follower commented, “If  @GavinNewsom jumped off a bridge, would you?? Follow the damn rules
@LisaVanderpump, so you actually have living customers when we get through this. #ToneDeafPost”

Lisa Vanderpump slapped back at that, and she replied, saying, “Have followed damn rules as you say…he didn’t.”

But more people complained. Here’s a comment about “messy”: You have a huge platform so this is messy Lisa. And as a physician, the lockdown is necessary. People will see when the body count goes through the roof in January- it won’t be a matter of opinion anymore sadly.”

Divided America comes out again

Not every follower of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum agrees that Gavin Newsom should get off lightly. One fan wrote, “I’m with Lisa! If you wish to stay home, stay home. If you want to go to a restaurant, go to a restaurant. Let us make our own decisions. Newsom went to a restaurant and followed none of his own rules. No mask and shoulder to shoulder.”

What do you think? Do you think people like Lisa Vanderpump should forgive and forget? Or do you think Gavin Newsom should roast on social media for eternity? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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