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‘The Hunger Games’ North Carolina Ghost Town Featured On New ‘Mysteries Of The Abandoned’

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Ghosts in December? As far as Science Channel is concerned, the ghosts of lives past can be excellent content to mine on their compelling little under the radar series, Mysteries of the Abandoned.

Not just ghosts but all sorts of hard to explain structures and abandoned buildings, why were they built and for what purposes?  One is the ghost town in North Carolina used for filming The Hunger Games film exteriors.

Ghosts from throughout history are examined in the all new season of Mysteries of the Abandoned, which premieres December 3 on Science Channel.

About the new season of Mysteries of the Abandoned

Once important and significant sites and structures across the globe, today these abandoned marvels are mere ghosts of their once rich – sometimes haunting – history.  Throughout the episodes, these structures, sites, villages, ruins and more are brought back to life with advanced CGI modeling to help tell the stories of these lost worlds and their haunted pasts.

One location explored is the Henry River mill village. This is a ghost town near Asheville, abandoned since the 1970s. It had a mini resurrection briefly for filming of the blockbuster movie The Hunger Games back in 2011, serving as Katniss’ home of District 12.

Science Channel sent TV Shows Ace a press release and noted:

An abandoned North Carolina ghost town which briefly served as the backdrop for the dystopian blockbuster film The Hunger Games. A world-renowned yoga center nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas that once recruited the likes of The Beatles and Mia Farrow in search for Nirvana, now untouched and left alone for decades. A vast labyrinth of subterranean tunnels lying beneath the busy streets of Ukraine with ties to KGB spies, Nazis and criminals who once called the catacombs home.

One thing all of these places have in common is purpose, they all had one at one point. In an all new season, the experts reveal the stories behind these remarkable places and why they were left behind.

Once meaningful and significant sites and structures that were built across the globe, now they stand in mystery, why were they abandoned? Today these abandoned marvels are mere ghosts of their once rich – sometimes haunting – history.

Throughout this season, viewers will travel around the world to uncover the mysteries behind these massive structures and abandoned sites on the brink of collapse. After decades of decay, withstanding erosion, disasters and wars, each of these structures stand to reveal the whys and hows of their creation.

Science Channel says:

In the northern Dead Sea, a once popular Israeli tourist resort closed suddenly when the safety of guests became of grave concern due to a massive sinkhole engulfing a parking lot, rooms and several palm trees. Once a sought-after destination for travelers around the world, today the buildings stand abandoned as the Dead Sea retreats and more sinkholes emerge at an alarming rate. Sitting high in a sheer cliff face on the Italian island of Sardinia, a strange castle remains eerily abandoned, begging many to wonder what its purpose was at one point in time. Was it built as a defensive structure, or meant to serve as a solution to an impossible engineering problem for nearby mining operations?

Also this season, on a faraway volcanic island in the East China sea, strange structures sit strangely on a large plateau filled with concrete ‘caves,’ bizarre tunnels and whispers of an ominous past.

Now a vacation destination and a popular spot for visitors eager to understand its storied history, this island was once the place for “untold destruction, anti-communist violence and the killing of thousands of people over time” according to the network.

Creatives behind the series

This series is produced for Science Channel by Like A Shot Productions. For Like A Shot, Henry Scott and Steve Gillham are executive producers.

For Science Channel, Neil Laird is executive producer and Andrew Lessner is producer.

Mysteries of the Abandoned premieres Thursday, December 3 at 9pm ET/PT on Science Channel. In addition to watching MYSTERIES OF THE ABANDONED on Science Channel, viewers can join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #MysteriesoftheAbandoned and following @ScienceChannel on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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