Jade Roper Tolbert Just Sold Her Fans On Water Births

Jade Roper birthed her new baby in a water tub

Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert just welcomed their third baby into the world. And, she opted for a water birth at home. The decision came when complications with coronavirus and hospitals arose. Well, judging by the look on her face after their baby boy arrived, she just sold a lot of fans on the concept.

Jade Roper looked ready to pop and boom! along came their third baby

We reported that Jade looked ready to pop at any moment. And, a few hours later, Tanner revealed that she started her labor. Jade breathed her way through a contraction but managed a wave at the camera. Tanner shared the birth of his baby as coming at 5.33 a.m. And, he confirmed that a midwife assisted with the delivery. At the time, fans hoped that soon, Jade documents how the water birth went.

The Bachelor in Paradise mom also birthed her son Brooks at home, but not with a water birth. He came early, and before they could go to the hospital, his sudden arrival meant they called the EMTs in. His birth ended up rather traumatic for Jade Roper. Later she told the whole story to her fans. And now, she promised all the deets come soon about her third baby.

Jade looks incredible in the water birth tub

Bachelor in Paradise fans saw a photo that Jade shared very soon after the birth of the baby. And, it looks like she sold the idea of a home water birth to plenty of her followers. In the photo, Jade sat in the tub, and Tanner leaned over, holding his newborn partly in the water. And the look on Jade’s face sent her fans a powerful message. Actually, the closest description that fans used to describe the look on her face was “serene.” But it’s a moment where words just can’t fit.

Several ABC fans agreed that if that’s how a mom looks after a water birth, then they put their hands up for it. Jade captioned her post with, “Can’t wait to share all the magic with you and share our birth story!! Right now we are soaking in all these beautiful, new moments. 😍 Thank you for all the love and support and for holding space for our little family in your hearts. I’m one grateful mama. ❤️.”

Jade Roper water birth
Jade Liz Roper | Instagram

Beautiful moment

BiP fans agreed that the photo revealed a “beautiful moment.” One of her followers wrote, “Water birth yay! So beautiful Jade. You’re such an example to so many women, I love that you’re spreading the news that waterbirth is a safe and beautiful option!” Another fan of Jade Roper wrote, “Congratulations! And HOW do you look so amazing just after giving birth? You should have seen me.”

Well, Evidence Based Birth reports that a water birth is safe. A 2017 study also revealed, “laboring in water poses no extra risks to mother or baby and helps relieve pain, leading to less use of pain medication.”

Looking at the photo of Jade Roper moments after the birth of her son, do you agree that a home water birth looks pretty amazing? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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