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Whitney Way Thore Slams Troll Over Buddy Bell Post

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Whitney Way Thore fans saw her snap at Buddy Bell in the MBBFL premiere of the new season on TLC. They saw her deciding it’s time to get Buddy to back off a bit as Chase didn’t like him too close to his girl. Well after that, she posted a nice photo of her with her friend and a troll went at her for it. So, she slammed the troll back harshly.

Whitney Way Thore and Buddy Bell complicated

We reported that plenty of fans felt Whitney treated Buddy badly in the premiere episode. My Big Fat Fabulous Life revealed a clash. And fans know that Buddy stepped up for her when Chase broke off the engagement. They also know Buddy and Whitney got into that awkward disagreement on a hike in the woods. And, some people think she feels a bit jealous of Buddy’s girlfriend these days.

Well, the friends always carried on a weird and complicated friendship. In the past, Buddy tried kissing her and she looked shocked. But at times, she comes over as rather possessive of him. The List reminds readers that some fans think Buddy and Whitney Way Thore might actually hook up one day. But one thing stands in her way – Buddy has a girlfriend.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star shares a nice post about Beddy Bell

On Thursday, November 12, Whitney shared a photo of herself sitting on the steps with Buddy. She captioned it with, “Just a little appreciation post for @thebuddybell for being the most incredible non-romantic heterosexual male life partner I could have ever asked for. ❤️” But, one troll felt angry, because Buddy just posted up about his girlfriend on his Instagram.

Trolling hard, the follower suggested that Whitney Way Thore acts selfishly. They wrote, “So a day after he posts a picture of him and a new GF you miraculously feel the need to make a post regarding your appreciation for him? ” Then insulting Whitney, they added, “You’re like a dog trying to mark its’ territory. What an incredibly selfish and needy act. Get over yourself.”

Whitney slams back at allegations of selfishness

Well, Whitney’s not taking that from any of her TLC followers. She launched right back at the troll saying, “are you serious?” And, she also noted that she previously met “the girlfriend,” and she “welcomed her” into her own home.  Whitney added, “in fact, she’s coming over tonight around 8. Wanna join us and see how not selfish and territorial I am?”

Whitney Way Thore posts about Buddy Bell
Image credit – Whitney Way Thore | Instagram

According to Whitney Way Thore,  she posted about Buddy as a way of apology and appreciation for when she “snapped” at him in the premiere episode. So, she just posted about Buddy Bell in case fans thought the two friends still fight. Finally, the My Big Fat Fabulous Life star told the troll, “Get over YOURself.” And many fans loved it that she slapped back firmly.

What are your thoughts on Buddy Bell and Whitney Way Thore? Sound off in the comments below.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s new season continues Tuesdays on TLC.

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