‘Welcome To Plathville’ Fans Excited About Ethan & Olivia in California

Welcome to Plathville Ethan and Olivia

Welcome To Plathville returns to TLC soon. In fact, in just a few more days! The second season premieres on November 10. Naturally, fans grow very excited about the show and renewed interest sees fans flock to the cast’s social media pages. Fans living in California sound thrilled that currently, Ethan and Olivia, visit their state.

Welcome To Plathville fans excited about more from Ethan and Olivia

In Season 1 of the show, fans took Ethan and Olivia to their hearts. Unprepared for the real world, fans saw Ethan try his first coke. And, despite his mom Kim being so down on it, he survived the experience. Plus, fans saw Olivia in a terribly sad situation as Kim really hated her daughter-in-law. And, all because she lived a less strict life even though she’s also a Christian.

Now Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville promises more of Ethan and Olivia. We reported that the show revealed that Kim and Barry Plath moved off the farm. And, they live just down the road from Olivia and Ethan. So, that probably irks Olivia somewhat. In fact, they tried distancing themselves from the toxic relationship, but it failed. So now, they asked Kim and Barry just not to “contact them.”

With the show coming soon, California fans get excited

On November 6, Ethan shared a photo of himself standing with Olivia. The geotag revealed they visit LA in California. Ethan captioned his post with, “The world looks different from here ❤️ Seeing California with my favorite person.” Thrilled TLC fans who live in LA welcomed them to their city. One person commented, “Welcome to my home state. Lots to see & do here. You two are adorable & smart. Don’t change….ever.”

Other Welcome to Plathville fans seemed even more welcoming. And, this person noted: “Omg!! Welcome to LA! My boyfriend and I are big fans. Let me know if y’all wanna meet up for a fun dog walk or something cute in LA!” Many more welcoming messages greeted Ethan and Olivia. Some people suggested where they should eat. And, others pointed places they can visit. Then, others wondered how Kim felt about them being in “sin city.”

Welcome to Plathville Ethan and Olivia California

Corovavurs warnings from dedicated Welcome to Plathville fans

Caring fans urged Ethan and Olivia to practice social distancing and wearing masks. They pointed out that the virus remains in LA. But probably, Oliva makes certain they stay safe. After all, they love each other very deeply.

Perhaps they watch their own premiere of Season2 of Welcome to Palthville in Los Angeles. And maybe, with a bit of luck, some TLC fans who live in LA might run across them on their outings.

Do you live in LA, California? What would you do if you saw Ethan and Olivia? Would you say “hi?” Sound off on how you’d react in the comments below.

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