‘Welcome to Plathville’ Star Moriah Hits 100k Instagram Followers

Welcome to Plathville Moriah Plath

Welcome to Plathville fans look forward to more from the dysfunctional Plath family on TLC. The show returns for a second season on November 10. Considering the fact that Season 1 only bought six episodes, Moriah does really well in gathering more Instagram followers. And, she just hit 100k of them.

Welcome to Plathville – Moriah gets a lot of Instagram followers

These days, accumulating plenty of followers on social media becomes a goal for many people. It’s associated with success, popularity and sometimes money-generating influence. So it’s no wonder that Moriah photographed and shared the 100k following milestone. In the long caption, Moriah Plath credited the stunning photos as taken by her brother Micah. In the first one, she literally glowed in the dark with heart-shaped lights surrounding her.

One gorgeous photo revealed her lying down in her red dress with roses. The Welcome to Plathville star wrote, “Hey everyone! It’s Moriah Jasper🖤.” Then, she told fans about her 100K followers” and thanked “each” of them. She talked about enjoying the fact that her fans follow her journey as she “finds” herself. But, that might not ever happen. As she seemingly likes being a little “lost.”

Moriah the rebel

Fans who watch the show know that her parents, Kim and Barry Plath, describe her as a rebel. And a teaser for the new season reveals that she upsets them as Moriah finds a new boyfriend and even rides on motorcycles. In fact, she strongly pushed back at the restrictions that her parents made her and her siblings live under. Now, she says that she “paves” her own way and notes, “if being a rebel feels like this I sure am enjoying it.”

Daily Soap Dish remarked that at one stage, Moriah hoped for a career “in music,” possibly in “Nashville.” But for now, she holds down two jobs: one of them working with fitting tires on cars. But maybe her brother Micah inspires her in following her dreams. After all, he looks as if his aspirations for modeling workout for him. And, he also found a lot of followers. The best-looking brother from Welcome to Plathville trails Moriah by only 8k followers.

Welcome to Plathville Moriah gets 100k followers

Cast member following

Actually, Moriah’s eldest brother Ethan shows slightly under 70k followers. But, she catches up on her sister-in-law, Olivia, who sits with 111k followers. Certainly, Olivia took the most fans during the first season of the show. But, when news came that she and Ethan talked about divorce at one stage, some of her popularity waned. After all, everyone rooted for her against Kim Plath who hated her. Actually, Season 2 of Welcome to Plathville brings more about Ethan and Oliva as they navigate their marriage.

What do you think about Moriah who fast creeps up on Oliva with Instagram followers? Sound off in the comments below.

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