‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Gets Candid About Her Emotional State

Sister Wives meri brown

Sister Wives fans last saw a post on Instagram from Meri Brown back in early September. She posts cryptic messages on her Stories which soon disappear. But now, she returned to her main page and posted up about where she stands at the moment. And, she seemed very candid about her emotional state these days.

Sister Wives star Meri brown sounds very down

Meri last posted about her daughter Mariah Brown. And, from what she said, it looked like they get along very well these days. Recall, at one stage, Mariah slammed her for the catfishing incident. We reported that Meri wrote, “This kid of mine. Perfect and amazing and beautiful in every way. Her heart is huge…Her love is real.” Well, Meri’s fans seemed pleased for them. Especially, as things seemed bad between her and Kody at the end of TLC’s last season.

Actually, of all the wives, Meri seemed the most regular on social media. But, nothing happened on her page for ages. However, she shared a photo of herself on Wednesday, November 4. InTouch Weekly noted that she shared about exhausting and hard times. Fans greeted her return to Instagram, and some liked that she also talked about staying positive. Meanwhile, other Sister Wives followers reassured her.

Meri gets candid about ‘hard’ times

On her post, Meri wrote a long caption and she unburdened herself. As usual, she came over fairly cryptic in a way. She sounds very down, but no specifics came. Whether it’s the elections, coronavirus, or Kody isn’t clear. Possibly, it relates to a combination of all three. In fact, it sounds like depression set in and that could revolve around COVID-19. She mentioned being unable to sleep because her “mind won’t stop racing.” And that leaves her “exhausted.”

The Sister Wives star also talked about coping with things through “hard” days and months. And, she added, “sometimes you just gotta take a break….breathe…recharge. ” And, “refill your cup so you can give your best.” Helping her through the hard times, she surrounds herself “virtually” with positive people. She described them as “the people who see the best in me…who want the best for me.” And she mentioned that they “support” her.

Sister Wives Meri Brown candid on emotional state

TLC fans react to Meri

Talking about “fall,” Meri said that this time of the year “reminds us how beautiful it is to let things go.” But, she admits that’s not always easy. However, positively, she claimed, “But I can do hard things! I can do amazing things.” And many fans who might feel in a similar state of emotion thanked her for reminding them about staying positive.

One Sister Wives follower noted “Great positive post, Meri. 🙏 That’s what we have to do…just keep swimming. 😊.” Do you get where Meri’s coming from? Sound off in the comments below.

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