Jenelle Evans Thanks Fans For Kind Comments On Halloween

Jenelle Evans and her husband David Eason produced a string of videos on their YouTube. Titled I Have Something To Say, she discussed a lot of controversial issues. And, it seems that many people eased up on her with the trolling. And now, the Teen Mom alum acknowledged fans who commented kindly on her Halloween photo.

Jenelle Evans and David opened up about their lives

We reported that the MTV stars post more often on their YouTube channels these days. And, despite trolls going crazy, she still retains a lot of loyal fans. Actually, contrary to so many tabloid media reports, the kids look healthy. And, Jenelle and David talk reasonably about the various hot headlines. Hearing it from their perspective maybe balanced things out a bit. Trolls still hit on her a lot, but they seem slightly fewer than in the past.

This weekend, Jenelle Evans posted up a nice photo of herself with David. She captioned it with, “‘I like me better when I’m with you.’ 🧡 #Halloween.” Of course, she didn’t invent it. The words come from Lauv which got the Radio Disney Music Award for Best Crush Song. But next, she commented, “Y’all are the besssst! Thank you for all the kind thoughts! 😍.” And notably, a lot of nice comments went her way on the post and under that comment.

What nice fans said about Jenelle and David

One Teen Mom fan wrote, “I adore you and your family so much !!! I’m so proud of the person you’ve become ! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.” And another one noted, “You look so great and so happy, really. Beautiful✨ Hope y’all had a fun & safe Halloween🎃 Sending love♥️😘.” Many more Jenelle Evans fans also commented kindly:

  • travissbaylee: “You look like a different person! So happy and healthy, god bless ❤️.”
  • brittgetsstrong: “I’m seeing those curves girl!! I can tell you’re working out too that’s awesome! You really look great and you’re glowing❤️.”
  • dawnyfisher22: “You keep on doing you girl!🙌 Yall look great! Nothing like country living and no drama…”
  • jenjenn1029: “healthy looks good on you, you look great🖤.”
  • jenbeddingfield: “@j_evans1219 you look beautiful. And you both look so happy. It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it? So happy for y’all 💞.”
  • _jmariexo: “U Look so Happy no matter what negative thing they threw at You✨💕.”

Jenelle Evans and David Eason Halloween

Happy-looking Jenelle is obvious

Actually, those fans who say Jenelle looks happy don’t lie. If you recall, throughout much of Teen Mom, Jenelle looked terribly sad. Perhaps leaving the MTV show brought her some peace of mind. The Hollywood Gossip noted that Jenelle often shares on Instagram and TikTok about being happy with David. They wrote, “But against all odds, it seems life is good on The Land — or so Jenelle would have us believe.”

However, Jenelle said on her Instagram that she made a conscious choice about happiness. Really, it seems that helped her a lot. And, looking at her recent posts, Jenelle Evans looks very happy. Bear in mind, you can’t really hide unhappiness in your eyes. After all, just look at these old images below. Unhappiness on Jenelle looks as clear bright daylight.

Jenelle Evans unhappiness
Jenelle Evans used to look so unhappy – All Images TLC | YouTube

What do you think about people more often saying nice things to Jenelle Evans these days? Do you agree she looks way happier? Sound off in the comments below.

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