‘Bachelorette’: Tayshia Greeted By Delighted Fans Like ‘The Second Coming’

Bachelorette Tayshia Adams in the pool

Bachelorette fans heaved a sigh of relief and took to their keyboards with delight as Tayshia Adams made her appearance on The Bachelorette. Well, in the final minutes of the Clare Crawley show anyway, which filled fans with hope for a season savior. In fact, they greeted her like the “second coming!”

Bachelorette – Fans finally see Tayshia Adams – a second coming

We reported last week, that fans seemed “ready” for Tayshia Adams. “There for it,” they already grew tired of Clare Crawley and Dale Moss. And finally, she appeared in a short clip on October 27. Delighted fans threw up memes and expressed their feelings of joy. One enthusiastic fan wrote, “is this the second coming IS IT i’m SCREAMING only tayshia can save this season from itself!!!! go forth my queen!!!!” 

Way more comments followed from Bachelorette fans. The main episode with Tayshia actually airs on ABC on November 5. But, seeing her in the pool briefly aroused a lot of interest. And, a lot of humor. Of course, Dale Moss got slaughtered and fans roasted him for settling for Clare. They joked about how when he saw Tayshia, he probably wished he could stay.

Delighted fans share their thoughts and memes

US Weekly reminded fans that the group date failed. Angry contestants knew how Clare felt about Dale, and they felt she wasn’t being fair to the other contestants. Basically, Kenny Braasch told them to just take down their tent and go home, or the guys would. Right at the end, ABC finally showed Tayshia for the first time.

One Bachelorette fan said, “The five second pool shot of Tayshia was honestly the best part of that episode.” Then, another one noted, “Tayshia comin out of the pool gave me Jon snow coming back to life vibes.” Other comments included:

  • That f–king chaotic mess to see gorgeous *ss Tayshia get out the pool is what my spirit needed!!!”
  • Cinematically the shot of Tayshia emerging from the pool is literally better than Kubrick and Spielberg and JJ Abrams.”


Dale Moss memes also popped up

Plenty of fans thought that Dale probably thought he went for the wrong woman. One suggested, “Plot twist…it’s Tayshia & Dale.”  And another one noted, “Dale to Clare when he finds out Tayshia is replacing her .. ahhhh wait can I stay LOL.” More followed:

  • Watch DALE stay for Tayshia! I’d die.”
  • Dale…wishing he’d known Tayshia was on the way.”
  • Wouldn’t it be some crap if Tayshia came on the show and also instantly fell in love with Dale and this whole thing spiraled out of control all over again?”

What did you think when you saw Tayshia in the pool? Are you excited for next week’s special on The Bachelorette? Sound off in the comments below.

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