‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Fans Are Convinced Matt Is Gay

I Love A mamas Boy Kim Kelly Mat

I Love a Mama’s Boy premiered on October 25 on TLC. This week, viewers met Kim and Matt, and his mom, Kelly. She gives them hardly any privacy, especially as they share his childhood bedroom in the house. Well, they moved out into the backyard, but Kelly’s way involved in their lives. However, fans think that Kim should move along, and they claim that Matt’s actually gay.

I Love a Mama’s Boy – Kim feels like a ‘third wheel’ with Matt & his mom

We reported that the new TLC show is like sMothered, but instead of moms and daughters with cloying relationships. it reveals moms and their sons in a similar situation. While many 90 Day Fiance fans thought they might see Colt and Mother Debbie on the show, that never happened. Nevertheless, four couples bring plenty of bizarre things for fans to discuss on social media.

Well, Kim, 25, and Matt, 28, bring plenty of chatter to Twitter.  I Love a Mama’s Boy fans met them in the premiere. And, as Distractify noted, Kim said, “It’s not an ideal living situation.” She added that she knows he’s a “total mama’s boy.” And, he seemed unconcerned that Kelly just barges into their bedroom. Plus, Kim feels like the “third wheel” in the threesome. And, she feels unhappy that instead of them going out together, he prefers staying home “drinking tea” with mommy.

Is Matt gay? Fans think so

Over on Twitter, TLC fans gathered and there they chatted about Kim and Matt. Lots of them suggested that Matt might be gay. One of them commented, “Dear Kim, Matt is gay. Like, really, really, super duper, uber gay. Sincerely, literally every single person watching.” And, another one noted, “Matt has a little sugar in his tank. Cut your losses girl.”

More I Love A Mama’s Boy fans agreed.

  • Matt is gay as can be! I’m gay and I definitely can peg it right away.”
  • Matt might be gay idk.”
  • Kim girl, you have bigger problems than Matt’s mom. Newsflash: Matt. Is. Gay. Everyone sees it but you. I’m sorry.”
  • Anyone else getting gay vibes offa Matt on #iloveamamasboy?”
  • Matt is gay. He isn’t just a mama’s boy. He’s a boys boi. #gayAF.”
  • Matt needs to come out of the closet and stop stringing this girl along!”

Plenty of other I Love A Mama’s Boy fans don’t mind if he feels that way. But, overall, they think he treats Kim unfairly by not admitting it.

Did you watch the show? Your thoughts on Matt? Could all those fans be mistaken? Sound off your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. Puhleeze — Gurl is queer as a football bat!!! I just wish Kim & Mat’s momma Kelly could see it too especially before Kim gets hurt. (Just ask my ex-wife what she went through when I kicked that closet door off the hinges).
    The question is: How will Kelly take it when she realizes she has a son & a daughter in the same package? What would be epic is for Kelly to go waltzing in and catch Madeline in bed with a guy. I bet that’d stop her from just barging in his bedroom anytime she feels. (It broke my dad from doing that. He now calls in advance before just showing up & allowing himself in whenever he feels LOL)
    Like the saying goes: Come out, come out wherever you are. Closets are made for clothes

  2. Matt is so gay. I wonder though, how would Kelly be if his relationship was with another man? I don’t think she would feel threatened like she has with Kim. It actually might work out for the best! Kelly would love being around 2 men all the time.

  3. Closet gay and beyond disrespectful. Kelly is his “ best friend”. No other significant male friends or acquaintances- only Kelly. Where is his dad?

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