Friday Busby Family Fun At Dewberry Farm

OutDaughtered Busby family fun

Friday rolled around again, and for the Busby family from TLC’s Outdaughtered, that always means family fun time. The Busbys visit places like Kemah waterfront or go to the zoo. Perhaps, if the weather’s bad they stay home but they always make time for something special on the weekends. This week they all enjoyed family fun at Dewberry Farm.

OutDaughtered family enjoy time at Dewberry Farm

We reported that last week, the kids gathered around the firepit and told scary stories. But, despite uncertain weather, this week, they went outside and played at all sorts of things. Both Adam and Danielle shared about their day at the farm. Danielle shared a photo of the kids all playing on big thick ropes that “the floor is lava.” If that’s the case, quint Hazel melted. And, Danielle mentioned the weather changed from hot and “humid” to rainy and “back again.”

Fans said that sounded a lot like Wisconsin weather. But, others noted Houston, Texas weather sometimes does that too. TLC fans adored Hazel who fell off the “spider-web” ropes. But, Lulu and her sister Blayke seemed able to stay on them okay. It looked like their cousins also went along. So, the girls in the OutDaughtered adventures increase. Sometimes, Uncle Dale’s kids also join in these on these outings and McKenzie makes for another girl in the mix.

Girls vs boys in a tug-o-war

Adam shared a photo of the girls who challenged the boys at the tug-o-war. That seems a bit unfair. As one fan pointed out, lots of girls vs few boys might be a bit in favor of the girls. Maybe Adam helped out. And, it looked like not all the girls pulled from their end at the same time. He captioned it with, “Girl power! Girl cousins challenged the boys to a Little tug-o-War. This was a fun one.” One fan said, “we use to love going to Dewberry when we lived in TX!! 😍 Get it, girls!”

This year, Dewberry Farm works on limited numbers because of the coronavirus and advanced books are essential. They opened this weekend from October 23 to 25. Right now, they celebrate the Fall Festival with the “Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch” and more. This year, they also serve food, and visitors may grab a glass of wine or a beer in the Beer Garden. And in December they’re well known for “Christmas trees and the magical Trail of Lights!” Maybe you’ll see the OutDaughtered stars back there in December.

Those fans who know the place suggest that Dewberry Farm really makes for a fun family outing. Did you ever go there? What did you think of it as a destination for a short day trip near metro Houston? Sound off in the comments below.

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