Carlin Bates Shouts Out Her Bestie Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth

Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna Duggar besties

Carlin Bates and her best friend Joy-Anna Duggar Forsyth got together again recently. And, Carlin gave her friend a nice shoutout on her Instagram. Although they embraced as girls do, hardly anyone trolled on them for not wearing masks. And, most fans said how much they enjoy the two young moms.

Carlin Bates from Uptv meets With Joy-Anna Duggar of TLC

The two reality TV stars might feature on different networks, but off-screen they just enjoy the friends they and their families share. The last time that Carlin from Bringing up Bates went on vacation, fans called her and her husband Evan out. They went on a beach vacation at the height of COVID-19. But this time, not so many people talked about the virus. Possibly, because Carlin already survived the deadly illness.

Joy-Anna of Counting On, and Carlin both wore denim skirts and warm jerseys. And, some fans thought they looked like sisters. One fan noted, “I love the friendship and bond you have together more like family than real family.” And another fan wrote, “What a sweet friendship the two of you have. Such a blessing to have a bestie to go to through all of life’s ups and downs with. 😊💓💓.”

Nice shoutout from Carlin

In her caption, Carlin wrote, “Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more. Love you foreverrr!” Of course, she never invented the saying. The first person who wrote it seems unknown. But it’s quite a common saying suitable as an Internet card. However, the words really seem perfect when it comes to describing how these two famous girls feel about each other.

Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna claim they became friends before they were born. We reported in February, that Joy visited Carlin in Tennessee and she shared about it on Instagram She said, “Our families have known each other before we were born… and I’m pretty sure we’ve been friends since day 1 of meeting!”

Well, the girls share lots in common. Firstly, their parents became friends before the girls arrived on Planet Earth. And, both of them were the 9th kids born to their families.

Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna Duggar

Fans adore this friendship

On Carlin’s post about catching up with Joy-Anna Duggar again, many fans said how much they “adore” these two people together. Of course, Bringing Up Bates garnered plenty of fans. And, Counting On probably even more. So, those who enjoy reality TV about religious families with loads of kids, get a double dose when they get together. Inquisitr reported that Joy-Anna met up with Carlin during her pregnancy.

It looked like the two couples got together at the camp that Justin’s parents run. That came when they celebrated the 4th of July together. While they live in different states, clearly Carlin Bates and Joy-Anna take every opportunity they can to get together and spend time as besties.

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