Exclusive ‘Alaska The Last Frontier’ Preview: Welcome To Jane and Atz Lee’s Downton Shanty

Jane Kilcher

Discovery’s hit reality series Alaska: The Last Frontier has hit a milestone moment. The series stars the colorful Kilcher clan who have participated in their do-it-yourself homesteading lifestyle on camera for ten years, and the action is far from over.

In TV Shows Ace exclusive clip below we have an awesome preview of Jane Kilcher and her man Atz Lee’s new “Downton Shanty,” and it is really fun to watch.

This annus horribilis, aka: 2020, has completely affected most if not all of Discovery Channel’s reality series including the Kilcher family saga. Now the series returns for its 10th season on Sunday, as we all return to Homer where coronavirus has impacted lives despite the remote locale.

Not just a randomly cruel virus that can kill with frightening speed or infect someone innocuously and silently as a superspreader, but the resilient Kilcher family is also grappling with wildfires, apex predators, injuries and more.

What happens on Alaska: The Last Frontier?

What is a Downton Shanty, you may ask? Why it is the perfect British and Scottish-bedecked little shack to sit atop ice holes while you pluck delicious fat fish from under 10+ inches of ice.

Atz Lee knows how to win Jane’s heart and that is by creating creature comforts for her favorite winter pastime of ice fishing. And of all of the Kilcher kin she is the best at it.

This new season of Alaska: The Last Frontier is premiering this Sunday on Discovery Channel. Despite the volatile summer wildfire season which leads right into the global pandemic mess, the 80-year-old homestead needs to be looked after and winter is always coming.

Atz Lee is a handy guy and Jane is no slouch, the two have crafted the perfect on-ice shelter dubbed “Downton Shanty” to sit comfortably as they pull up some burbot or brown trout to dine in style.

As their food sources, lands and livestock must all be sheltered and protected from the wildfires in Alaska, the winter comes fast and before you know it, six feet of snow is on the ground. Then spring comes in with a vengeance.

Discovery notes that this season the spring is problematic for the Kilchers who are building two cabins. One is a brand new one in the backcountry constructed by “Downton Shanty” creator Atz Lee… and the other is a rebuild of the very first cabin on the homestead by Atz Senior.

There are some animal birthing dramas too as Otto, Charlotte and August have their hands full with a troublesome midnight delivery for some cows.

And Eivin and Eve are faced with the sudden death of a dearly loved goat.

Production has a hiccup too as the Kilchers prepare as best they can for wildfire season, then whammo, Covid-19 hits Alaska and the Discovery camera crew must be evacuated.

There are tense moments too as Atz Senior worries he has contracted the coronavirus when he suffers what is described as a “painful lung ailment.”

Tune in Sunday to watch this milestone season kick off.

Season 10 of Alaska the Last Frontier premieres Sunday, Oct. 25 at 8 p.m. ET/PT only on Discovery.

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