‘Sister Wives’ Star Meri Brown Reveals Attractive Fall Decorations At BNB

Sister Wives Meri Brown BNB

Sister Wives star Meri Brown’s back and busy with her BNB. Lizzie’s Heritage Inn reopened in July. And, now fall comes along, they decorate the place accordingly. Meri revealed some attractive decorations for the season, and fans agreed they look very classy.

Sister Wives – Fall arrives and Meri Brown’s BNB decorations look classy

When fans heard that Meri obtained her family property and opened her Lizzie’s Heritage Inn BNB, probably nobody expected such a big success. She already won an award for the place. And, despite the COVID-19 setbacks, she now welcomes guests again. She re-opened it in July. we noted. At the time, “The picture accompanying the announcement showed the neat little establishment’s been well-kept during the shutdown period. Neatly clipped lawns, beautiful creamy colors, and white trimming look summery and attractive.”

Fall arrives and now, Meri Brown shared a photo of some of the seasonal decorations in the BNB. She revealed a table with some different shaped pumpkins, And, fans liked the really tall ones.

Then, there are three traditional shaped pumpkins in white, orange, and brown. And, one them shows a cute bird sitting on top of it. Underneath the pumpkins, Meri displayed the dolls. Sister Wives fans reacted to the post with nice words.

Lizzie’s Heritage Inn fans comment on the fall decor

In the comments, many fans really enjoyed the display. One of them wrote, “super classy and seasonal! Looks wonderful.” And, another fan commented, “I love pumpkin decor!!! This is too cute!! 🎃🎃🎃🎃.” Then those people, who liked the tall pumpkins also expressed their feelings. A fan wrote, “Cute! Love the tall pumpkins!” Meanwhile, other fans wondered how the place looks come Christmas time.

A fan said, “Can’t wait to see when you decorate for Christmas 🎄” And, the admin from the page said they also look forward to it. “can’t wait to show y’all! Christmas is a favorite around here! ☺️🎄” But, staying with the fall theme, other fans fell in love with the table and the general ambiance. One Sister Wives  follower quipped very cleverly. “always the best time to fall “Inn” love with the decorations.”


The Inn that won an award

TLC revealed that Meri looked for help from the family when she needed the downpayment. But, they seemed very reluctant. So, she raised her own funding. Now the place works, and it seemingly satisfies those who stay there. Trip Advisor reveals people gave it top marks for location, cleanliness, service and value. No wonder the Sister Wives star won an award for her BNB.

Meri told her Sister Wives fans in 2019, that she won an award as “Best Country Inn” in Utah for 2019.”

What do you think of the fall decorations at the BNB? Sound off in the comments below.

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