Mama June reached out to addict parent

Mama June Reaches Out To Bereaved Parent Of An Addict

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Mama June fans know that she started working hard at assisting other people who suffer from addiction problems. The Not to Hot star shared about it more than once on Instagram. And this time, someone reached out to her. Very kindly, June answered them.

Mama June goes one-on-one with a bereaved parent

We reported in August, that Mama June sounded rightfully proud of her progress in fighting her meth addiction. In fact, both she and Geno live in Florida now and attend a rehab clinic. But, as she mends, she turns her thoughts to using her influencer position to helping others. The Mama June: From Not to Hot star wrote that she wants to “help those who…go through a difficult time in their life and struggle with addiction problems.”

WEtv fans love that she starts getting her life back together. And, they seem even more delighted that she reaches out to other people. This weekend, June took her Instagram again. Once more, she spoke about helping others. This time, she celebrates more than eight months sober. Sounding  happy, she also said, “Living life to the fullest been at the bottom and rising back up to the top.”

June invites people to contact her

In her latest post, June once again invited people with problems to reach out to her for advice. Well, one replied and sounded very sad. They wrote, “I’m so happy your[sic] happy, today is a sad weekend for me and my family. we lost our son to drug overdose, I only wished he found the ability to get help. So I’m always looking in on you and so proud of your sobriety, you and Geno both. we are close to where you are but respect your privacy but when and if you have [a] meet and greets or a book signing I will reach out to you.”

However, it seems Mama June puts herself out right now. Why wait for a meet and greet? She replied, saying, “So sorry for your loss addiction is crazy so many people relapsing and cannot deal with what’s going on right now in the world so they turn to that drug…if you don’t mind you said you were close to where I am. where would that be?”

Addiction affects families

Well, the fan lives in Jupiter, so hopefully, she and June meet up in the near future. According to the Daily Mail, these days she stays at or near Port St Lucie. That’s not very far away, so maybe Mama June and this bereaved parent meet up one day for a good heart-to-heart. Fans of the WEtv show know that June’s family went through a torrid time. And, addiction affects families as well as addicts.

What do you think about Mama June reaching out to this bereaved parent of an addict? Do you love that she helps others these days? Sound off in the comments below.

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