‘VPR’: Looks Like Jax Taylor Survived The Purges – Talks Filming Season 9

VPR Jax Taylor on Season 9

VPR fans speculated in early September, that Season 9 of the show might never happen. Despite matriarch Lisa sounding confident about another season of Vanderpump Rules, fans felt skeptical. With the cast purges and unhappy fans over the Tell-All, people thought that if it came back at all, Jax Taylor would be out. But now, he spoke about filming.

VPR fans uninspired by the new cast in Season 8

Bravo fans saw some new cast members in Season 8. But, despite that, few of them inspired any fans. And, older cast members grow stale, some people think. Lisa Vanderpump said that more new cast members arrive and she sounded confident that despite the Coronavirus, a new season would come along.  But, we reported thatVanderpump Rules viewers don’t believe the show is returning for Season 9.”

Bear in mind, Faith Stowers kickstarted a purge over allegations of racism. Stassi Schroeder, Kristen Doute, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni all got booted. So, a large chunk of the more popular stars left. And, many people joined the cancel culture call for an end to VPR altogether. In fact, many of them hoped Jax Taylor also left the show. That stemmed from bad behavior in Season 8 and allegations of racism by TLC’s Ashley Martson.


Jax Taylor talks about filming for Season 9

It looks like Jax Taylor survived the cast purges. And the long-awaited ax falling on both him and Season 9 never happened. Reality Blurb reported that Jax went Live and it got shared on an Instagram account. In a Q&A, he noted that they expect to return sometime “this month” to start filming. He added, “That’s the last I heard. We were supposed to. But it’s just a matter of when they’re gonna allow us.”

On @realandybh on Instagram, the excerpt about VPR came with a caption. It read, “HERE YOU HAVE IT! EXCLUSIVE FROM JAX TAYLOR MOUTH! TODAY!!!” They also noted that “VANDERPUMP RULES” returns to “FILMING THIS MONTH!!!” Of, course fans reacted to that, but not all of them sounded happy about the news. One said, “Most of the cast…horrible people, the way they act and treat others is horrible, especially Jax he’s should be fired he’s the worse of them all.”


Fans and a spinoff

Another critic noted that they wished Jax ended his career on the Bravo show when the others left. And, one claimed they felt Jax and Brittany seemed just as “racist” as the others toward Faith Stowers. Nevertheless, plenty of people grew excited about Brittany, Stassi, and Lala Kent all carrying babies at the same time. Some of them hope for some sort of VPR spinoff for them. Fans suggested they call it VanderBUMP Rules.

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