‘OutDaughtered’: How Did Adam Busby Become A Photographer?

OutDaughtered Adam Busby Photography

OutDaughtered fans heard from Adam Busby that he recently went for a camera upgrade. And, they know he films for his own It’s A Buzz World channel on YouTube. In fact, he owns a company called Adam Busby Media, a Sole Proprietorship. So, how did Adam become a photographer with so many admirers of his talent?

OutDaughtered fans admire Adam as a photographer

We reported that Adam recently upgraded his camera. He shared on Instagram about using the animal eye autofocus. The camera he purchased would set you back by nearly $4k. But, professionals need professional equipment. And, everyone knows that Adam Busby’s a pro at photography. After all, he posts stunning pictures all the time. And, he gives fans advice and tips on lenses and F Stops and various other techniques.

On Sunday, the OutDaughtered dad shared a photo of Danielle and the kids walking through some cornfields. Possibly, he shot it when they went to a pumpkin patch recently. He captioned it with, “My whole world right there.” Fans fell in love with it as the light caught the white sand and the green leaves. And, the angle of the sun gave it all a soft glow. Some fans wonder how Adam became a  photographer.

Did Adam study photography?

Well, it may surprise you that Adam never formally studied photography. A fan asked, “Are you a self-taught photographer?” And in his reply, Adam said that he never took “photography classes in school.” In fact, he attributes what he knows mainly to online learning via YouTube and Creative Live. Their website explains that they offer online courses and help you “Pick up new skills at your own pace.”

Well, it certainly looks like the OutDaughtered dad learned a lot. And, he often takes photos with his phone as well. These days, phones often come with amazing cameras that make even non-pros look good.

Fans also enjoy photos by Jeremy Roloff, and that TLC alum actually studied photography. Good Housekeeping reminded fans that he “attended the Brooks Institute in California for college, where he pursued his passion for photography.” At one stage he got quite well-known for his photos.


Jeremy and Audrey Roloff vacationed with Busbys

Actually, Jeremy and Audrey are friendly with Danielle Busby. So, maybe Jeremy also gave the OutDaughtered dad a few pointers. In fact, in May last year, they spent time together in Hawaii. A few lovely images came from their visit to the area. Adam shared one of them taken at Hilton Waikoloa Village. And, both families shared some other good shots.

What do you think about the OutDaughtered dad producing such great photos, especially as he never studied it formally? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

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