Becca Kufrin Remembers Her Dad, Counts The Days Since She Last Saw Him

Becca Kufrin remembers her dad

Becca Kufrin lost her dad years ago. But, she remembers the special moments with him. And, she kept a count of the days since she last saw him. She shared several photos of him and a very nice note. Becca went through a lot of changes in her life and feels down that he missed so much of it.

Becca Kufrin shares about missing her dad

We reported that Becca “announced officially that she and Garret Yrigoyen were over.” Moving on, she also moved to Los Angeles and looks forward to a new life. But, her dad wasn’t around when she and Garret split. And he never saw her on The Bachelorette either. You might recall that in Bachelor Nation, Becca talked to Arie about it. He wouldn’t meet her dad either. After all, her dad sadly passed away when she was still a teen. She explained that her dad passed away from glioblastoma brain cancer.

In June 2017, Becca Kufrin shared a photo of her dad. She captioned it with, “Not a day goes by that I don’t think about the angel that is Steven Karl (with a K) Kufrin. He gets the Father-of-a-Lifetime award for putting up with me between the ages of 3-17. ” That tribute to her dad came on Father Day. The latest tribute that she shared on September 20 remembers him on the 11th anniversary of his death.

Loving note for Becca to treasure

Among the throwback photos that Becca shared, was a note from her dad. Written on a Wednesday, it said how much he missed her. He talked about missing her “more than a skunk misses its smell. ” And he missed her “more than a duck misses its wings.” The lovely note that Becca Kufrin kept all these years is very touching, fans think. One Bachelor Nation fan wrote, “That note is so precious💕. I miss my dad every day!”

In her caption, Becca Kufrin also noted, “It’s been 4,015 days since I last held my dad’s hand and looked into his beautiful blue eyes. It’s sad and still hard to know my dad isn’t here to walk me through some of my biggest life moments.” But Becca also looks on the positive side. She added, “I’ve had 4,015 days with the best guardian angel ever.”

Another fan wrote, “That last note😭😭 you had an incredible father, hold on tight to your hearts desire for a man as great as him!!!.”

Last year Becca Kufrin also shared a wonderful tribute to her dad

Last year on the 10th anniversary of her dad’s death. Bachelor Nation wrote about it. Back then, she wrote about how little things remind her of her Dad every day. But ironically, Becca Kufrin also said that she thought that “Garret reminded” her of her dad as well. And she said, “I think you’d love him too.”

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