Will ‘Big Brother’ Alum Ian Terry Attend Nicole Franzel’s Wedding?

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In a shocking twist, Ian Terry was evicted from the Big Brother All Stars house Thursday evening. After exiting, Ian found out all sorts of juicy tidbits of what was going on around him in the house. One piece of information involved his friend, Nicole Franzel. And, fans know Janelle has no intentions of going to Nicole’s wedding. But, how does Ian feel about it?

Will Ian be attending Nicole’s wedding?

US Weekly shared Ian’s thoughts on attending Nicole’s wedding. Ian made it clear that he doesn’t feel betrayed by the other players. He acknowledges that it’s a game and they outplayed him.

He revealed he did receive an invite to Nicole’s wedding. Ian said he did receive an invitation before the season began. He said, “I was invited to Nicole’s wedding before the season. I’m not sure I’m going to go. Anything that happened in the game has no effect on that, just to make that very clear. It just depends on what my schedule’s like. I obviously appreciate the invite. Nothing in the game will affect that.”

Everyone will have to wait and see if Ian attends the wedding.


Are there any hard feelings?

Ian learned that Nicole remained part of a bigger alliance in the house. He expressed happiness to be outplayed and not just leave because people were being mean. When asked if he thought Nicole had worked hard enough to make him stay, he said the following. Ian said, “Obviously, I respect the game play, that she was in a larger alliance without me. Am I curious as to why I wasn’t invited into that larger alliance? I mean, yeah.” He continued, “I am definitely a little curious about that. I really, really respect that everything that we went through in the last week and I think she’s still a great friend.”

And, he also revealed if he would have won Head of Household, he would have targeted Christmas. He thinks she is a strong player. Plus, she let him down. To Ian she was the perfect target should he have gained power.

Now, Ian is the first member of the All Stars house to head to the jury. He is hoping maybe Cody will be the next houseguest to join him. So, does Ian ever want to play Big Brother again? Ian says while one should never say never he feels pretty sure he won’t play the game again.

Stay tuned for more on Big Brother All Stars. 

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