Collin Gosselin Says He’s ‘Doing Better Than Ever’

Collin Gosselin with his dad and sister

Collin Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8 grows into a well-balanced and clean-cut young man. The sextuplet lives with his dad these days and learns to drive. He shared a photo of himself in the car and sounded very upbeat about life. In fact, he said he’s “doing better than ever.”

Collin Gosselin turns out remarkably resilient

The Kate Plus 8 show ended on TLC. But, Collin’s appearances became sporadic well before then. Fans probably recall the controversy over his mom who sent him away to an institution. Jon Gosselin didn’t know where Collin went but one day, his son smuggled out a letter. The heartbreaking appeal for help ended up in an uncontested custody case. Collin went home to Jon and lives with him, his sister Hannah, and Colleen Conrad.

Fans watched as Collin Gosselin went from a rather haunted-looking boy into a strapping young man. But, it takes time dealing with rejection. We reported in May this year, that Jon spoke about Collin attending therapy. Jon spoke to The Sun and told them that Kate’s treatment of Collin leaves him still “attending therapy.” He tries dealing with his incarceration in an institution.

Loving home with Jon and Colleen – Collin’s upbeat

We noted that “as Collin’s no longer a baby and aged 16, Jon Gosselin feels that only his son can figure out how “he wants to handle his issues.” Well, it seems he handles them rather well. His post on Instagram this weekend said, “Got a new cut and I’m doing better than ever. 🤙🏼🤘🏼 Life is too great to not enjoy! #livelikeitsyourlastday.”

Collin set his account so people can’t embed his photos. But over on his Instagram, Jon often shares photos of his son. And, his girlfriend, Colleen Conrad also shares family photos. On August 30, she shared a picture of Collin and Hannah standing with her and Jon. Collin Gosselin’s growing very tall and obviously close to his new little family.

Jon hopes that one day Collin hangs with his siblings

Despite his son’s progress, Jon hopes that one day all the kids get to just hang out with each other. But, as Collin reportedly has no relationship with his mother at all, that might not happen any time soon. Apparently, after all these years of custody cases, as the kids get older, they choose whether to see Jon or not. So far it looks like none of them crossed the floor in that direction.

Sadly, it seems that Collin never sees his other siblings. However as they all grow a little older and mature, hopefully, that changes for him in the future. Whatever happens, fans just love it that Collin Gosselin looks and sounds very happy with life at the moment.

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