When Does ‘Chrisley Knows Best’ Return For Season 8, Part 2?

Chrisley Knows Best new episodes

Chrisley Knows Best just aired the last episode of summer and takes a break now. Fans can’t wait for more of their favorite USA Network show. With the show just ending with Nanny Faye’s Christmas Cart Parade, fans already wonder when episode 11 comes along. Well, you came to the right place for new updates on that. Keep reading to learn when Season 8, Part 2 will drop.

Chrisley Knows Best – did very well with Season 8 ratings

This season, Todd Chrisley took to his social media and thanked fans for their excellent ratings. In fact, on average, about 2 million people tuned in for them. While the family gets their share of trolls, clearly millions of people love some humor on their TV’s in 2020. Anxious for more episodes, many fans wait now for news that it returns soon.

The Cinemaholic suggested that perhaps the rest of Season 8 Chrisley Knows Best comes in about December. But, fans don’t need to wait that long for it. However, it still means quite a long wait. The USA Network revealed the exact date on Twitter on Saturday. They shared a short clip that keeps fans teased on what to expect as the show picks up from episode 11.

Todd Chrisley and his amusing family return in late fall

The next batch of episodes about the Chrisley family comes in November. The all-new episodes announcement really cheered up fans. One of them responded with, “I’ll be watching @Chrisley_USA. It’s the perfect show to keep you laughing during these strange times.” Another fan wrote, “I love this show. Your family is so awesome each one is relatable in so many ways!! I can’t wait!!!”

Naturally, some Chrisley Knows Best fans hate that they need to wait so long.  Obviously, nobody likes it when their favorite shows take a hiatus. But, even reality TV stars deserve a break now and then. One fan lamented, “We’ll be impatiently waiting for November!” Another one posted, “November is too long a wait for my favorite TV family.”

Teaser reveals Chase getting smart

The short teaser revealed that Chase got his hopes up for getting one over his dad. He said, “This time Daddy’s gonna play by my rules!” Ummm, fans know that’s not likely. So does Savannah, who just smiles and laughs “huh!” But, fans enjoy him trying anyway. It also showed Todd saying, “Get the hell outta here!”

Then, there’s a clip of Nanny Faye wearing a bra outside her clothing! Grayson looks upbeat, and Julie looks like she’s crying with laughter. Chloe gets even sweeter if that’s possible. It looks like more rollicking fun comes to fans from Chrisley Knows Best ahead of Christmas.

Are you excited that the show picks up again in the fall? Sound off in the comments below.

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