Josie Bates Balka Brightens Up Her Feed With Willow

Josie Bates Balka baby Willow

On Friday, Josie Bates Balka shared an adorable photo of little Willow. Willow Kristy celebrated her first birthday a couple of months back. And, the sweet little girl’s at the cutest stage in her life. Certainly, this little Bates girl could brighten up anyone’s day.

Josie Bates Balka – baby Willow turned one in July

We reported that the daughter of Kelton Balka and Josie Bates of Bringing Up Bates seems a family favorite. On her birthday, “several family members shared sweet posts dedicated to her.” At the time, Josie noted, “You are the light of our world and this first year of being your mama has been the best year of my life!”

The photo that Josie Bates Balka shared on Friday revealed Willow in a neat little black and white summer outfit. On her head, her mom put a blue bow. She smiled very sweetly in the picture. Josie captioned her post with, “Just a little Willow cuteness to brighten up your feed ☀️.” Well, she certainly brightened up the day for a lot of Bringing Up Bates fans.

Fans adore little Willow

Lots of fans loved all the cuteness of Willow. Many of them agreed that Willow brightened up their day. The comments came rolling in:

  • “and it did!!! so sweet.”
  • “Awww she’s getting so big! She’s so cute!!! 💕.”
  • “precious baby doll.”
  • “Cuteness overload.”
  • “Such a cutie!!! I hope my kids one day are as cute as she is!!! 😍.”

Josie Bates Balka seemed very blessed with her daughter. So, who could say “no” to such a little charmer in their life?

Long and difficult labor for Josie

Knox News reminds fans that Willow arrived after a long and difficult labor. Josie went through 48 hours of birthing pain. In fact, it made up much of the Season nine premiere of Bringing Up Bates. Naturally, Kelton felt nervous as his mother, Kristy “died in 2009 shortly after giving birth to Kelton’s sister.”

Actually, Josie Bates Balka went through an emotional time giving birth to Willow. Fearful of a possible bad outcome, they opted for a natural birth. But, the pain became so severe that Josie passed out a few times. Finally, the doctors recommend she take something to help her. So, she opted for an epidural. But, Kelton’s mom died after an epidural. So they prayed about it first.

Willow arrived healthy – now the apple of her mom’s eye

Luckily, Willow finally arrived and she’s healthy. Now, she grows up into the cutest little girl, bringing joy to Josie and Kelton. Their fans also adore the bright little girl. Fortunately, the pain of childbirth recedes after a while, and bad memories fade, allowing moms like Josie Bates Balka to bond with their child.

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