Nanny Faye Celebrates Her Birthday With Sweet Family Wishes

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The sweet, funny, wild Nanny Faye turned 77 today and her family and friends could not have made sweeter Instagram posts! It is obvious everyone loves her, who wouldn’t? She is a big star on Chrisley Knows Best and all of the fans absolutely adore her.

Nanny Faye’s wishes from her family

Chase Chrisley, her grandson, wrote a sweet post and commented that they were going to get in some trouble tonight. If you watch the show you know that those two get in trouble all of the time. Chase wrote “Happy birthday to the Queen! I love you so much and Iā€™m so excited to get into some trouble with you tonight!!! Have an amazing day angel!! You deserve it!!”Ā

Nic Kerdiles, Savannah’s fiance, even made the sweetest post that everyone loved. He said “Happy Birthday to this incredible woman! Blessed to have you in my life and in my corner. Your love, laughter and overall joy is so infectious to everyone and you are loved my so many. Thank you for being you… cause you is freaking awesome! šŸ˜šŸ˜ŽĀ @nannyfayechrisley”

Nic and Savannah’s break

As a lot of people know Nic and Savannah took a break from each other and no one really knows if they are off that break or not. However, Nic does post with her brother Chase a lot on Instagram. So with that being said, a lot of fans speculate that they have got back together since then. All of the fans are hoping so, they were a power couple! He even posted about Savannah on her birthday 3 weeks ago.

On his post, he said “Happy 23rd Birthday to the woman that has changed my life. I continue to thank God everyday for having put you in my life. Your smile, your heart, your strength, your ambition and your overall love is unmatched! These moments are the ones that I hold onto most. So proud of the woman you have become and continue to be. Love ya kid! @savannahchrisley” But, when he said “Love ya kid!” it also threw some people off but who knows.

Todd loves his mama

Everyone knows that Todd Chrisley is a very big mama’s boy, he absolutely adores Nanny Faye. So, you know Todd made a heartwarming post about his mother. “Happy Birthday Mama, there are no words to describe what you mean to me and our family, you have been with me since my first breath and have always given me everything I needed to survive this crazy nasty world that we live in, to the moon and back and then beyond infinity, I love you .” How sweet is that?

Everybody loves Nanny Faye and wishes her the best birthday ever!

Mandy Robinson

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