‘DDWTD’: Wonder-Mom Karen Derrico Homeschools The Kids

DDWTD kids homeschooled

DDWTD (Doubling Down with the Derricos) star, Karen Derrico homeschools the kids. Admittedly, not all 14 of them reached school age yet, but it sounds like a lot of work! Fans already think she’s a wonderful parent, but with the newest triplets at home, it might be even harder work.

DDWTD – back to school preparations for Karen Derrico

On Wednesday, Karen Derrico took to her Instagram. She shared a photo of herself sitting in front of her computer. Karen captioned it with, “It’s a new school year! We are not exempt!! Lol!!” She said that it involves “lots of preparing, planning, and teaching!!” Talking about other moms who deal with that, she said, “Breath and we got each other, mommas!!”

It seems a stressful time for a lot of people. And, the DDWTD star thinks of others who struggle. She said, “Send me a pic of your learning environment! Let’s share so we can help others out here who’s struggling! I read y’all requests and wanted to share ours!! Don’t forget!! Share your space!! Karen also said that she intends “sharing [her] tips.”

 Karen Derrico has homeschooled for a while now

For many people, homeschooling during the coronavirus came as a bit of a shock. But, Karen homeschooled before. One fan asked, “Do you always homeschool or just now due to the pandemic?” The Doubling Down with the Derricos mom replied. Karen noted, “I did it years ago for Darian and Derrick for about 3 years and then picked it back up last year!”

Well, now she teaches so many kids, no wonder they discussed getting a nanny in a recent episode of DDWTD. Maybe the nanny could watch the younger kids while Karen teaches. Parents.com produced some information about homeschooling. But, fans sounded pleased about Karen offering some guidance.

Fans respond to Karen’s post about school

One fan wrote, “You win the Mother of century award just getting them all dressed and hair combed for virtual learning!!! I love it!!” The post that Karen shared showed more than just one picture. It looks like they totally organized the classroom area. In one photo, five of the kids all sit around one table.

Another photo shows two of the older DDWTD kids working at their own desks. One really cute video shows the kids dancing.

Okay, now for the main reveal. On the door is a sign says “welcome to mommy’s super fun class.” Inside, the kids’ packs all hang on pegs. There’s a library, post-it notes, posters and a whiteboard. Then, there’s a big TV screen and mom’s workstation. It looks just like a “real” classroom.


If you thought Karen and Deon were great parents before, this setup with homeschooling could possibly blow you away. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below.

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