Heidi Klum Files Emergency Legal Hearing Against Ex Husband

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Next Top Model judge Heidi Klum filed for an emergency legal hearing this week, stating that ex-husband, Seal, refuses to let their four children travel to Germany with their Mother later this year.

Seal and Heidi Klum are at Odds

It appears that the former power couple isn’t in agreement about what is best for their four children. Leni, 16, Henry, 14, Johan, 13 and Lou, 12, spend most of their time in their mother’s care. And, they seem to prefer it that way, according to People.  In a recent article, the publication states that while the pair share custody,  Heidi Klum regularly handles the brunt of the child-rearing, referring to Seal’s parenting role as ‘sporadic at best.’

The two former celeb lovers are currently at odds over Heidi’s work schedule. The upcoming season of Next Top Model is set to film in Germany this fall. As a judge, Klum’s contract requires that she be on location. International travel is not uncommon in Heidi’s career, and, under normal circumstances, the children travel along with them.

Klum told the court that Seal originally agreed to the trip but has recently recanted his consent. The musician says that he does not want his children to travel overseas right now. He cites his concerns revolve around increased risk to their health due to the pandemic.

Heidi Klum Seeks Emergency Hearing

With the October film schedule rapidly approaching, Klum is petitioning the court for an emergency hearing. The talent judge is asking that the court give her permission to travel out of the country with their children. Their father does not approve of the pending trip. In Heidi’s declaration to the judge, she explains that she is ‘well aware’ of the risks of Covid. The celeb says she will take the utmost precautions to keep them safe abroad just as she does here at home in the states.

I am well aware of all of the necessary precautions associated with the COVID-19 virus, and would never put our children at risk — I have taken all the precautions for Germany the same way I do in the United States,” Klum wrote in her declaration, adding that she is “grateful” to have the ability to work given the current state of the economy.”

The declaration to the court also says that while normally the show’s filming takes place here in the states, The German cast and crew aren’t allowed to travel into the US because of the health crisis – so the solution is for the American personnel to travel there instead.

Heidi is Willing to Compromise

Heidi Klum has revealed on multiple occasions that she is responsible for the primary care of her children. She does so in spite of a ‘joint custody’ verdict. She discloses that while there is a custody plan in place, she is willing to compromise with him and give him more time with his kids in exchange for his signing off to the travel plans.

Additionally, The television personality reminds the judge that the distance from his kids does not keep him from seeing them. The singer has a British passport which allows him the ability to travel into Europe without issue. She says that with that documentation, he has the ability and the means to see them as often as he likes.


The Children Speak Up

While the children are said to love their father very much – they have voiced to both parents that they WANT to go with Heidi later this year. In her plea to the court Heidi tells the judge that she wants to respect her children’s wishes. She states in her declaration that leaving them behind in California is not what is best for them.

I tried to work this out with Henry directly to no avail,” Klum wrote, adding that she is “desperate” and that the children have said they do not want to stay in Los Angeles with their dad. “It could not possibly be in their best interests.”

Heidi Klum’s Eldest daughter, Lena – also submitted a statement to the court. She says that while her siblings are too young to approach the courts, she is willing to speak for them. “My mom needs to film in Germany for a few months and my siblings and I want to go with her,” The teen says.

Lena goes on to say that while her dad does not agree to the trip, she feels that it would be an amazing opportunity for them and that it also allows them to spend time with their maternal grandmother. She also writes that the other children have expressed fear in regards to being that far away from their mother for an extended time.

Lena Pleads with Her Dad

Lena also included a personal, handwritten note for her father. In the letter, she notes that this is not an ideal situation for anyone – but that she and her siblings want to go with Heidi. She hopes that her Dad understands and that they can figure out a reasonable solution together as a family. “I just want to figure out something and come up with a plan and agreement as a family,” Leni wrote. “I love you so so much,” she tells him.

Information about whether the judge will grant the hearing has not been released. Klum says she tried to resolve this directly with her ex, but they have not been able to agree.

The mom of four waits on pins and needles to see whether she will have to leave her children with their father; even after they have made it clear where they want to be. We will continue to cover this story as it unfolds.

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