Melissa Rycroft Thankful For Outcome With Jason Mesnick Ahead Of ‘The Bachelor-GOAT’

Melissa Rycroft and husband Tye Strickland via Instagram

Monday night fans will take a walk back in time and revisit Jason Mesnick’s season of The Bachelor. Fans fell in love with Jason years ago when he was a single dad trying to find love. While on the show, he fell in love with Melissa Rycroft. However, he also had strong feelings for Molly Malaney. In the end he proposed to Melissa. But, the story didn’t end there.

Melissa was humiliated on Jason’s After the Final Rose

Jason’s season seemed to end on a happy note until it was time for After the Final Rose. He realized he was in love with Molly, more than Melissa. So, on live television, Jason broke Melissa’s heart. She was humiliated, hurt and blindsided by the events that night. After breaking up with her, Jason asked Molly back.

Ahead of tonight’s GOAT episode, Melissa went to social media to speak out. Melissa went to Facebook to share a picture of herself and husband Tye Strickland. She said, “Considering what is about to air tomorrow, let me just say: I am SOOO glad that it happened – all of it! I wouldn’t be with this guy, I wouldn’t have my babies, I wouldn’t have my career, and I wouldn’t be who I am today if it hadn’t happened – even the way it happened. It was totally embarrassing, but totally worth it ☺️. Enjoy #thebachelorGOAT tomorrow….I love this guy, and I love our life!!”

She’s never watched her season of the show

It’s also been reported recently that Melissa has never watched her season of The Bachelor. People spoke with Melissa ahead of The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever! She was asked how she felt when she heard her season was re-airing. She said,  “Gosh. Well, first, I’ve still never seen my season of The Bachelor. I’ve never seen that infamous After the Final Rose. I’ve seen clips and stuff.”

Melissa went on to say, “It’s weird, I’ll be honest. It’s just really surreal, because it feels like a lifetime ago. It feels like I was a different person then.”

She went on to talk about how Arie dumped Becca Kufrin and how prior he even talked to Jason about what had happened. She said, “I think when Jason proposed to me, he genuinely thought it was me and was being honest about his feelings. He realized the relationship didn’t work, and that’s how it ended. But with Arie, no woman out there wants to hear you picked me because I was safe, because the woman you really wanted you think would have rejected you. Even if you are feeling that, don’t say it!”

Things didn’t work out for Melissa and Jason, but both of them are happy with their lives are now. Melissa married Tye in 2009 and had three children. Jason married Molly and they are still happily married. They had a daughter, Riley and of course Jason had Ty from a previous marriage.

Don’t miss Jason’s season tonight on The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons — Ever!

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