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‘Doubling Down With The Derricos’: How Did Karen Conceive So Many Multiples?

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Doubling Down With The Derricos arrives on TLC is just a few day’s time. The family already generated a lot of interest from fans. So, it looks like a winner for the network. With 14 kids, many fans question if she got IVF or some kind of fertility assistance. 60 to 80 years ago, large families with 14 kids weren’t that usual. However, not necessarily sets of twins, triplets, and more. But these days, it’s less common. Could Karen conceive so many multiples without help from doctors?

Doubling Down With The Derricos – IVF treatment for mom Karen?

We reported that the new show on TLC starts off when Karen’s about to enter the hospital with her final set of triplets (for now). So, she expects triplets and already raised a brood of 11 other kids. Among those, two kids survive from a set of triplets in which one child died. They also raise quintuplets, twins, a daughter and a son. Actually, Karen got some medical assistance after she miscarried before the birth of their eldest daughter, But, it wasn’t IVF. In fact, she sought assistance, believing she might not produce any kids at all. Doctors gave her Progesterone.

Screenrant reported that Karen seems rather proud of the fact that all her kids arrived naturally without any IVF. Well sort of. There’s a son they never talk about who Deon adopted before Karen produced all those kids. You can read all about him on this link. The progesterone that the doctor gave the Doubling Down With the Derricos mom didn’t actually aid her fertility. Hormone Org explains Progesterone “prepares the endometrium for the potential of pregnancy after ovulation. It triggers the lining to thicken to accept a fertilized egg.”

How do natural multiples work?

Karen and Deon Derrico spoke with Live5News about all those multiples. On Karen’s mom’s side of the family, four sets of twins arrived. Then from her father’s line, an uncle “produced two sets of triplets.” Meanwhile, Deon’s family also birthed multiples. Sadly, his mom lost a set of triplets before this own birth. And, her mom’s mother produced 11 kids. Amongst them came two sets of twins.  With the help of IVF, these days, multiples become more common in the USA. What To Expect tells readers as many as “33 twins [are] born per every 1,000 births.”

However, what about people like Deon and Karen in Doubling Down With the Derricos? They never used any form of IVF. The website also mentions that Deon’s history of family multiples doesn’t factor into it. According to them, “heredity doubles your chances of conceiving twins — but only on the mom’s side.” They also noted, “Even if your partner’s family tree is loaded with dynamic duos, that won’t increase your own odds of conceiving twins.” So, all those multiples come from Karen’s side of the family.

Interestingly, once people birth twins, the chances of more multiples increase. And, the more multiples born, the more likely it is that more multiples follow. Plus, the Doubling Down With the Derricos mom’s African American. Apparently, “Black women are slightly more likely than Caucasians to have twins.”

Remember to tune in to TLC on August 11 to find out more about this fascinating family.

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