’90 Day Fiance’ Fans Suggest Karine Plotted Domestic Violence Restraining Order For Benefits

90 Day Fiance Paul and karine

90 Day Fiance fans know that Karine and Paul Staehle went through another bust-up with much drama over the last few days. Eventually, word came out that Karine disappeared and theorists even suggested Paul murdered her. But most of it got covered by us if you don’t know the full story. Nevertheless, she’s alive and well and safe, she eventually  told her followers

90 Day Fiance fans speculate on Karine – plotted it all, not stupid

Like all of the TLC stars in the franchise, both partners get their haters and fans. Some people adore Karine and feared for her living with Paul. Others always believed Karine just used Paul. And, some people don’t like either of them. Admittedly, Paul’s got some issues. But, some people feel a bit bad for him, thinking she used him. Others think that Karine, who comes over as naive and a poor girl out of her depth, actually planned it all.

Part of the drama revolved around Karine filing a restraining order against her husband. She alleged that he sexually assaulted her and committed other acts of domestic violence. Well, 90 Day Fiance fans wonder about that now. Some of them figure she found a way to live in the USA with benefits and not live with Paul. It came on a post she wrote about how it’s a legal matter and not a media matter anymore. You can see the post below.

Domestic violence restraining order for benefits?

While few fans come with any legal background, others agree their theory could prove correct that Karine plotted the whole thing. One fan started off by writing about domestic violence protection. They said, “She’s still in the US. Will get her green card expedited under the domestic violence protection. Then she will be able to apply and receive all the state benefits such as Medicaid and food stamps, education grants, daycare assistance, etc so she and Pierre can build a life here without Paul.”

Another 90 Day Fiance follower also agreed with that. They noted, “anyone can see that was her plan all along😢. she lived in a hut and in America, she thought she needed a castle, what a joke. Most of these people from other countries…just want money…So sad how they get used.” And, others believe that as well. One said, “agree 100 percent she is smarter than we think.” One person who follows that thought process noted, “By Karine being a ‘victim’ she can get her citizenship without Pole. There.”


Loopholes and immigration debated

Other people looked at potential loopholes in immigration laws. One person wrote, “I read it from the Immigration guidelines on the government website & is included in the visa packet. I also have a colleague…on a spousal visa, her husband attempted to kill her by stabbing her…she switched her residency application from a spousal visa to a self petition.” They also noted she obtained approval for “permanent residency.”  

“bingo!!!” one 90 Day Fiance fan responded. They added, “all that she needed [for] citizenship” Plus, “she claims assault and that’s all there is to it.” That writer thinks both of them suffer from mental issues but declared. “she ain’t no saint.” They also noted that the USA deems women “protected” even if she lies. They continued, “men are guilty until proven innocent even if he did nothing wrong.”

That person reminded other TLC fans that “in Brazil” she talked to “other men,” trying for money from them all “while pregnant.” This fan and many others suggest they just don’t believe Karine’s story about Paul and domestic violence. What do you think?  Sound off in the comments below.

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