‘Teen Mom OG’: Mackenzie McKee, Josh Cheating Drama Continues With Tinder Confession

Teen Mom Mackenzie mckee

Teen Mom OG fans heard that Mackenzie McKee confronted her cousin who she presumed had an affair with Josh. But, it turned out he acted as a middleman for her drug deals. But now, it emerged that she also had a cheating secret tucked away. Apparently, Josh caught her out trying for a date via Tinder.

 Teen Mom OG – Mackenzie felt it wrong that Josh allegedly cheated, she also did

We reported that the texts and phone records that Mackenzie found led her to believe he and her cousin cheated. But, the two got together and had it out. It turned out that her cousin’s way older than either her or Josh anyway. But, the drama that the MTV star shared all over social media didn’t end with Josh. Apparently, Mackenzie also strayed. Fans know the couple experience an on-again, off-again relationship. So, maybe that’s why she looked around for someone else.

InTouch Weekly reported that the Teen Mom OG star opened up a lot about what happened on The Domenick Nati Show on Thursday, July 23. But, more stuff emerged, and that included her and Josh getting into a massive fight after he found out she went onto Tinder. It came after she got so angry about Josh who squabbled with her. So, talking to other guys seemed possibly a way of getting some retribution.

Mackenzie caught out on Tinder

On the show, Mackenzie said that she went onto Tinder because for ages, the two stars just argued all the time. Things went badly, as Josh found out. In fact, the news came to Josh via one of his friends. In fact, even though she used a photo she thought not easily recognizable, they figured out who she was. Later, Josh went onto Tinder as well and created an account with a false name.

Next thing, the Teen Mom OG star got a message saying, “you have been caught.” That’s when she acted on the text messages to her cousin and the huge drama blew up on social media. So, apparently both of them perhaps acted a bit inappropriately. After all, even though Josh and her cousin never cheated, she hated that he spoke to another woman. On the YouTube interview, Mackenzie’s fans like she admits her faults.

Fans applaud Mackenzie for owning up

One Teen Mom OG fan said, “Mack… I am SO proud of you. It takes a lot to air out your own dirty laundry. It could have been much easier to let all of us that are fans of you to continue to dislike Josh and continue to believe that you are 100% the victim. Yet here you are.. Being brave and telling us your truth. I applaud you more than words can say. The way you are taking accountability of your own actions is incredible. God Bless you. You have inspired me girl. 💚💚💚💚”

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