‘VPR’: Katie Maloney Slammed For Sharing Black & White ‘Challenge Accepted’ Photo

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VPR star, Katie Maloney emerged from her world and addresses the political scene in the USA these days. That came when she posted about Mark and Patricia McCloskey. Reports emerged that they waved guns as protesters broke down a gate to their home property. Many celebrities flood Instagram with Black Lives Matter. But, by joining the “Challenge Accepted” trend on Instagram, Katie, with her black and white photo simply helps bury the original cause of the empowerment of women.

VPR – Katie Maloney correctly shared a black and white photo, though ignorant fans slammed her

We reported that Katie spoke out against the McCloskeys and like very many celebrities, the subject trended. Just like the black square for Black Lives Matter, celebs kept it alive. But those behind the Black Lives Matter movement started getting irritated. This is because social media users were using the incorrect hashtag and taking away from more important information. Or, they slammed celebs for hijacking their Blackout Tuesday square for their own self-promotion. Some of them felt the celebs like those from Vanderpump Rules didn’t use it for the right ethical reasons.

In recent days, the “Challenge Accepted” trend flooded Instagram with photos of people. Many of them, like Katie Maloney, correctly used a black and white photo. But, others like ABC’s Hannah Brown shared color pictures. Once again, it shows they missed the mark when it comes to the originator of a cause. Perhaps, in ignorance, they missed the whole point of the challenge. And, the critics of Katie Maloney also seemingly missed the point. Many of them slammed the VPR star for posting a black and white pic instead of a color photo.


Celebs miss the point and hijack the challenge from the original cause

Katie shared the correct black and white pic which started off as a Turkish cause. But she, along with thousands of celebs doing the same thing, got slammed for it by those who understand the cause that empowers women. As one fan pointed out on Katie Maloney’s page, it actually started in Turkey and US celebs missed the whole point of it all. So much so, that KQED.org reported that they actually bury the original Turkish women’s rights campaign.

The outlet noted, “What is now a light-hearted expression of female solidarity in America [originated] in Turkey. The original campaign got inspired by both the soaring rates of violence against women and the brutal murder of a 27-year-old student named Pinar Gültekin.” As Author Dr. Pragya Agarwal posted on her Instagram, the cause goes much deeper than a bunch of celebs like VPR star Katie posting random non-heroic women as worthy of support.

Author points out the challenge shouldn’t be about who’s ‘hot or not’

Dr. Pragya Agarwal wrote on Instagram, “It isn’t just a game of hot or not. Or an exercise in vanity. It is not just a mindless challenge that women are undertaking to post their s*xiest snaps. These are some of the criticisms that this #challenge…faced.” Next, she reminded followers that it represents “a very serious gesture of defiance in support of the Turkish Women.” Bear in mind that Turkey boasts a terrible “femicide rate.”


Do people like Katie Maloney from Bravo’s Vanderpump Rules even know the reason for the challenge? It started off “in support of Pinar Gultekin.” She died extremely violently. So, the idea about the challenge originally brought support for “every woman who[felt] threatened and unsafe.” Rather than slam VPR star Katie for sharing a black and white photo, perhaps fans should slam all of them. In fact, they all helped hijack something from a very important Turkish cause, Agarwell’s post suggests.

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