’90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk’ Fans Furious That Tim Malcolm’s Out And The ‘Family Chantel’ Come In

The family chantel

90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk brought in cast members from The Family Chantel. And, fans expressed their outrage on social media. After all, it meant that Tim Malcolm and Veronica made way for them. Popular, Tim fans want him back. And, others like Toborowsky and Annie are popular. However, judging by comments, fans hate the idea of Chantel’s family on the show.

90 Day Fiance: Pillow Talk fans rage about Tim Malcolm out and Family Chantel in

Furiously, the fact that Tim went and the Chantel family came in spilled over into a promo for the upcoming Darcey spinoff. Incidentally, on Instagram, TLC shared a promo for Darcey and Stacy which premieres on Sunday, August 16. A week ago, Entertainment Weekly reminded readers that the show promises a “lot of drama” from the identical twins. Well, fans know that every time Darcey Silva features on the franchise, drama’s a given. In fact, many people seem totally sick to death of her.

Notably, that meant the promo TLC shared got slammed for bringing Darcey back. Plus, anger went the way of the Pillow Talk change of cast. Angrily, one 90 Day Fiance fan wrote, “Definitely will not watch!! And, now pillow talk is ruined with family Chantel. Who at TLC is making these horrible decisions?” Then, another person agreed, saying, “TLC you need to get a new program developer.” Meanwhile, others talked about Tim on the Instagram post. Pleading, a fan wrote, “please do not replace Veronica and Tim with the family Chantal. We will no longer be watching if the change is made.”


Anger on Twitter from disappointed fans

Over on Twitter, many more people slammed the decision that took Tim Malcolm off the show. Not holding back, some 90 Day Fiance fans slammed the network. One said, “The family chantel on pillow talk is just not doing it for me, nope I cant.” Similarly, another one commented, “Umm, @tlc, you can skip mother Chantel and brother. We’re good. Bring back Veronica and Tim! Or Robert and Anny!” Then, this one read, “@TLC stop trying to make family chantel happen, is not going to happen… we want Tim and Veronica back on Pillowtalk.” Plus, another comment noted, “PLEASE bring Veronica and Tim back Stat. As well as Annie & Robert, nobody wants to see Family Chantel”

Actually, many more comments came in from angry fans. “Family Chantel need to go! Bring back Tim and Veronica,” read one tweet. Equally angry, another one wrote, “@TLC Family Chantel is not a good #Pillowtalk addition. Where are Tim & Veronica?” Next, this comment came in “Uh, you replaced Tim & [Veronica] with Chantel‘s family? You have to be f–king kidding.”

Seemingly, many fans feel very disappointed with The Family Chantel choice for Pillow Talk. In fact, some of them vow never to watch any shows in the future that feature the toxic family. Furthermore, many folk feel that it rewards bad behavior and casts a very poor light on Americans. What do you think about them on Pillow Talk? Would you prefer they bring back Tim and Veronica? Sound off in the comments below.

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