Todd Chrisley And Ex-Wife Teresa Had A Shotgun Wedding

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Todd Chrisley and his son Chase seem very close. Chase joked this week that he might be a dad. But, the apple didn’t fall far from Todd’s tree, so it’s quite possible. After all, Todd and his ex-wife Teresa had a shotgun wedding after she fell pregnant at the age of 19. High school sweethearts, they didn’t work out, despite producing another child.

Todd Chrisley and Theresa shotgun wedding as single moms a big deal says Teresa

Todd married Teresa back when she fell pregnant and according to her, single moms were a big deal then. According to Life and Style Magazine, Lindsie’s arrival led to a wedding that otherwise probably wouldn’t have happened. The Daily Mail reported about those early days back in 2014. According to her, the “funny guy” Todd that fans see on Chrisley Knows Best wasn’t much fun to live with. But, she admits the “controlling” side of Todd is rather close to the reality. Fans know that amidst the laughter and banter, Todd holds a tight rein on his kids and new wife, Julie.

Despite the pregnancy out of wedlock, the couple stayed together for seven years. 15 months after Lindsie, Kyle arrived. So, between them, they produced two of the Chrisley children. Before the divorce came through, Teresa said they separated multiple times. According to her, life sounded horrible with Todd Chrisley. She filed “a domestic abuse complaint against Todd in 1992 claiming he “battered” her.” But during the divorce, she dropped it. Plus, she and Todd bickered in the courts over custody and visitation rights for the kids.

Julie pregnant with Chase when  the divorce came through

Teresa sounds a bit bitter with Todd and claimed that when they finally got divorced, Julie, Todd’s current wife already carried Chase. After Chase, Julie and Todd welcomed Savannah and then Grayson. Now, of course, they also raise Kyle’s daughter Chloe. But Todd and Teresa clashed over Kyle as well. She told The Daily Mail that she allowed Kyle and the mom of Chloe to stay with her over Thanksgiving and Todd reacted furiously. For ages, she said Todd never spoke to her. In fact, it’s not clear that he speaks to her to this day.

And, as Teresa claims, Todd Chrisley seems pretty into retribution for perceived wrongs. So, it’s no wonder really, that Lindsie now remains estranged from him since allegations arose that she sold him out to the tax revenue department last year.

Actually, it all sounds rather sad the way it worked out for Teresa and Todd. Teresa enjoyed Nanny Faye, as a teen. She and Todd and whole bunch of friends hung out at her place back then. She still recalls how Nnnyy Faye cooked the whole bunch of them meals. They then hung out “at the movies” and that sort of thing. But, she also noted Todd never really ran with a big crowd. He always saw himself as different and nursed TV or modeling aspirations.

A lot of water passed under the bridge since the couple separated. Now, Teresa moved on with another husband and more kids. And despite everything, she still thinks that under it all, Todd Chrisley can be a really nice person.

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