‘OutDaughtered’ Fan Concerned About Beaux Dog At The Beach – ‘Frenchies Can’t Swim’

OutDaughtered Riley's mom Danielle Busby Beaux the dog

OutDaughtered fans grew to love Beaux the Frenchie dog. Originally, Adam Busby got the French Bulldog for the quints’ 4th birthday. Danielle seemed really annoyed and said she didn’t have the time to look after him. But these days, he seems like her best friend in the world. But, a fan grew a bit worried as they took him to the beach because Frenchie’s can’t swim.

OutDaughtered – the Busby family takes Beaux to the beach for the first time

The Busby family spent a lot of time at the beach recently. And speculation arose that they might have purchased their own beach house. However, Danielle countered that idea in another post, saying “I think we need a beach house.” So, that put an end to the speculation, we noted. As they currently visit the beach, it’s not clear where they stay, but obviously, it’s pet-friendly. Danielle told her fans that they took Beaux along to the beach for the very first time.

On Thursday, Danielle shared a cute photo of the little dog on the beach. She captioned it with, “I thought we approached the “first” of all things, until 🐶Beaux! @beauxbuzz FIRST time to the beach.” Fans of OutDaughtered loved the photo of the cute little dog. Clearly, he enjoyed himself as he had a doggie grin, and his hot little long stuck out. People generally love dogs, and they feel they got to know Beaux from all the photos and videos they see of him. But, one person grew concerned about the dog at the beach.

French Bulldogs can’t swim says a fan

Despite their popularity, many people come over as trolls on the Busby’s social media accounts. One person, who turned out not to be a troll said, “So cute I have one too but be careful around water. French bulldogs cannot swim.” Well, checking it out, the TLC fan seems right on-point with that comment. According to the French Bulldog Breed, they really can’t cope with the water. The website notes, “some Frenchies, mostly slim and younger ones, can swim for a while,” They give some serious advice, adding, “the general rule is: NEVER let your French Bulldog around water without a life vest and unattended!”

The website also wrote, “once Frenchies start sinking, they go all the way. They can’t swim back to surface like some other dogs, so be careful.” Well, last week, Adam shared a clip of Beaux stealing into the pool at their place. Unfortunately, it didn’t stay up on Instagram Stories long, so we didn’t grab a capture of it. The doggie, all alone by the pool, snuck down onto the step and wallowed around, playfully biting at a tube. The OutDaughtered dad kept an eye on Beaux, albeit from a distance behind his camera.


Hopefully, the Busby family knows that Beaux might not be a great swimmer, and they keep a sharp eye out for him going into the water alone. Did you know that apparently Frenchies like Beaux can’t swim for long, if at all? Sound off in the comments below.

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