Lindsie Chrisley Had A Car Accident, Justifies Jackson Still Using A Booster Seat

Lindsie Chrisley

Lindsie Chrisley took to Instagram to talk about plants and flowers that she routinely kills in error. But in the conversation, she also talked about her nearly eight-year-old son Jackson. She said that she got involved in a car accident this weekend. And, she used the crash as a reason that justifies why she still uses a booster seat for him.

Lindsie Chrisley shares about a car accident and talks about her son and the booster seat

On Sunday, Lindsie told her fans that she got involved in a car crash on Saturday. She mentioned that she gets a lot of trolling and criticism for making her son sit in a car “booster seat” at the age of seven. Well, not everyone trolls on her about her son. Many fans think he’s adorable. We reported that fans gushed about the cute little guy when Linsdie shared the 4th of July photos. But, he’s getting tall now. So, maybe that’s why some of them think he’s too old for a booster seat.

Lindsie Chrisley said, “It’s time to call out all the mommy shamers that LIVE on this app.” She mentioned the ones that harass her because she still “uses a booster seat. ✨.” She said that in a car accident yesterday,” the “car seat didn’t budge. 💫”  Lindsie then called on everyone to “please educate yourself on car seat safety.” She noted that people should keep their little kids in one until “12 years old OR 4 feet 9 inches.”

Fans react to the post about the accident and the plant nursery visit

Some fans like that Lindsie keeps her son safe in the car. One wrote, “Kudos to you for keeping that baby safe!” Another one noted, “Make sure to get his car seat replaced! Chicco is a replace after any accident, no matter how minor it is.” And, Lindsie agreed she definitely plans on doing that. Another fan said, “omg I’m so glad you’re okay. Poor thing that’s a traumatic experience. Totally miss you on the show. Keep safe AZ luvs you girl.”

Naturally, Lindsie cares for her son very much, He’s her only child. But, she and her husband Will Campbell hope for another child soon. She told US Weekly in June, that they actively try for one. And, they hope that this time a daughter comes to their family. She also suffered a miscarriage, so the lives of her children mean very much to the Chrisley Knows Best alum. Checking out what Lindsie Chrisley’s claims about a booster seat for her son, she absolutely nailed the recommendations.

Healthy Children Org points out “all children whose weight or height exceeds the forward-facing limit for their car safety seat should use a belt-positioning booster seat until the vehicle seat belt fits properly.” According to them, that comes at about the age of nine to 12.

Do you use a booster seat for your child? Sound off in the comments below.

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