’90 Day Fiance’ Star Stephanie Matto Buys Herself A 2020 Porsche Panamera

90 day fiance Stephanie matto

90 Day Fiance critics slammed Stephanie Matto for doing the TLC show for five-minutes of fame. They never believed she liked the same gender. Many people accused her of just hoping for a career boost at the cost of hurting Erika Owens. Well, whatever her motivations, she certainly seems loaded with cash. She just revealed she bought herself a 2020 Porsche Panamera.

90 Day Fiance star Stephanie buys herself a Porsche, fans can’t believe it

Taking to Instagram on Thursday, Stephanie posted up a photo of herself posing next to her Porsche. She captioned it with, “Leaving the dealership today with my 2020 Porsche Panamera! Thank you @porsche_fairfield for helping me buy my second Porsche! I have been obsessed with the Panamera for so long and to finally own my dream car feels unreal.” Several castmates congratulated her. David Toborowski said, “Congratulations. I need to hide this post from Annie. One of her favorite 🚗 lol😂😂❤️.”

Some 90 Day Fiance fans who don’t know too much about Stephanie couldn’t believe that she affords a car like that. Some of them asked her how she earns her money and she directed them to her YouTube account. One of them asked, “Hi! What do you do for work? I noticed that even before 90 days, you had a nice car, apartment, clothes…etc. Just curious if you could shed some light on your career!” But other fans know she also racked up a to of followers in her Only Fans account. One follower noted, “it’s called “onlyfans.” Show your roast beef and you too could have a Porsche. Thanks to desperate white dudes.”

Stephane’s candid about her career

Stephanie never hid the fact that’s she shares some intimate things online. And, she started off in that direction as a stripper/dancer in LA in her 20s. Broke at the time, the experience “messes you up,” she said. She also said that after she stopped working in that field, she found that she changed. Those days seem well past her now, as the influencer makes a packet by the looks of it. While she got a lot of haters on the show, she also got plenty of loyal fans. Many of them don’t care how she makes her money.

Meaww reported that Stephanie made a lot of money by selling photos of herself in the nude. That confused some fans, who wondered how come she came over as a bit of a “prude” with Erika Owens. However, fans know that TLC often semiscripts the 90 Day Fiance reality TV show. Her loyal fans just admire that she made a lot of money and set herself up for life by the looks of it. One fan wrote, “Wow what a beautiful car for a beautiful young lady. Congrats to you!❤️”


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