James Van Der Beek Announces the Passing of his Mother, Melinda Van Der Beek in Touching Instagram Post

James Van Der Beek Instagram

Dawson’s Creek Alum, James Van Der Beek, announced early Monday that his beloved mother, Melinda had passed away. The announcement came via a touching post the actor published to his official Instagram account.   Monday’s post includes a number of beautiful family photos. The actor shares that because of his mother’s passing he is ‘still in shock’ and feeling a lot of emotions at once.

“I’m grateful she’s no longer in pain, I’m sad, I’m angry, I’m relieved … all at once and in different moments

. Just trying to hold space and allow for it all.” – James Van Der Beek



James’ Relationship with Mother, Melinda

The 43-year-old Dancing with the Stars Alum went on to tell fans that he and his family are grateful for how much time they had with his mom, sharing that Melinda’s family and doctors had expected her to pass nearly a year and a half ago.  James shares that he and his mother had a close relationship. He credits Melinda for pushing him to be the best version of himself and believing in him on faith alone.

  “She was my mom,” The actor mused “She gave me life. She taught me how to tumble. Drove me to my first auditions. She believed in me based on nothing but her own intuition and she passed on a craziness that has been crucial to not just my success, but my own personal happiness.”- James

Melinda Van Der Beek’s Legacy

According to Republican American Melinda Van Der Beek was born on July 1st of 1950. She passed just days after celebrating her 70th birthday.  The news went public with James’ post on Monday.

The article reports that after high school, Melinda attended the Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and as a result spent several years as a professional dancer. In addition to loving dance, Melinda loved children. She taught Sunday school for more than 20 years and opened a gymnastics/tumbling school called Mrs. Melinda & Co. that she maintained for more than 2 1/2 decades.

Melinda is survived by her son, Actor James Van der Beek and his wife Kimberly,  son Jared and daughter, Juliana. Between her three children, they gave Melinda nine beautiful grandchildren. James told followers in his post that Melinda’s grandchildren loved their ‘Grammy M’ very much, saying she was ‘a magical grandma with a big laugh and a basement full of costumes and Christmas lights.’

James Van Der Beek Instagram

James Remembers His Mother

In his post, James reveals that he is not sure what his journey and experience will be when it comes to mourning the loss of his mother. Additionally, James goes on to say that outside of himself, he knows that his children, his nieces and nephews and the hundreds of children whom Melinda taught will have an angel on their side from now on.

“All I know is anytime my kids– or any of her students– want to dress up, or get on a stage, or dance, or even just think of her …

they’ll have a little extra love from the other side backing them up.”

-James Van Der Beek

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