‘Unexpected’: Caelan’s Fans Love That He’s Happy With His New Girlfriend

Unexpected Caelan

Unexpected fans knew that McKayla Adkins and Caelan Morrison simply looked a dismal failure. Despite him giving their relationship several big efforts, she always complained. Fans hated that because he seemed like a caring dad to their kids and a good provider. Eventually, she took off with someone else, and Caelan moved on. He found a new girlfriend and fans love that he seems happier these days.

Unexpected star McKayla’s behaved badly with Caelan

Last year, fans saw McKayla behave particularly badly with Caelan. And, not only towards him but also toward his mom. She sulked like a little girl because Caelan’s mom went to the hospital to meet her new grandchild. It then escalated and McKayla even tried preventing him from seeing his own daughter Gracelynn. They already produced their son Timmy, who turned three-years-old this week.

It seemed that McKayla used the kids as a weapon against the young Unexpected dad. Caelan seemed fed up, fans seemed fed up as well, and eventually, they split once and for all. It took an application to the courts for him to continue seeing his kids. These days, Caelan shares posts of his kids so he still sees them. He also shares other things like his new girlfriend. Fans think she’s a major upgrade from McKayla.


Caelan’s new girlfriend, Hana Fawaz

Caelan started sharing photos of his new girl a few months ago. And, she also shares photos of herself with him. The young couple looks very happy together. Fans who follow the two young people comment as their happiness seems very obvious. One fan said to Caelan, “So freaking happy 4 you!! You deserve happiness!! ❤️” Another one wrote, “Definitely an upgrade. U deserve to be happy❤️.” In fact, plenty of “upgrade” comments go his way.

Meanwhile, the Unexpected dad’s new girlfriend also gets comments about them. One follower told Hana, “Awww he’s finally happy 😊.” That came on a photo that showed them in a hotel. Fans guessed it looked like Brazil. Four days ago, she shared a photo of the couple in a garden setting. Caelan looked very relaxed as they sat in loungers under the trees.


McKayla still tells her stories on YouTube

McKayla said on YouTube on June 9 how she selected the names of her kids. She also talked about addressing “the rumors” but never got to that. Before that, in March, she did a Q&A and mentioned that she and Caelan should only communicate with her about the kids. So, it looks like any plans on a reconciliation went out the door. But fans think he’s way better off with his girlfriend, who makes him look very happy.

What do you think about Caelan seemingly moving on from McKayla? Do you agree the Unexpected dad looks way happier with Hana? Sound off in the comments below.

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