’90 Day Fiance’: Emily Larina Shares Interesting Insights You Never Saw On TLC

90 day fiance sasha and Emily

90 Day Fiance stars Emily and Sasha married and their lovely son grows up in the USA. Recently, Emily got excited as they plan a move to a new home. Now, she took to Instagram and told her fans quite a lot about her that they never saw on TLC. She said that she saw some new followers on her page, so she updated them with some personal stuff.

90 Day Fiance – Emily talks about her ADHD

In her very long post, one thing Emily mentioned at length, is her ADHD. She said that the diagnosis came when she attended high school. Emily mentioned those horrid school reports that said, ‘smart but doesn’t apply herself.” She explained that as a child she always experienced “four different things” going on in her mind.  These days, she wised up and makes sure to take her meds. Plus, she put timers in her home, which presumably helps her stay focused.

Some fans get critical of the 90 Day Fiance couple because they speak both Russian and English to their son. But Emily’s all over that. She studied language and said she took “an intro to linguistics class in university.” She “decided to minor in TESOL.” The best studies she enjoyed were her “sociolinguistic classes.” So, she knows she won’t developmentally delay her son by using two languages with him.  Other things she mentioned included her love for travel and where she hopes to go one day.

Travel and a love for history

Emily travels a lot and she also loves looking into her family history. Partly, that motivated some of her travel plans. Going to Russia where she taught, she said that came from  “a journey of self-discovery.” After her academic year in Russia, she planned on checking out her family history in Ireland. As fans know, things turned out differently for her. She ended up pregnant with her husband Sasha in her life. But, she still hopes one day they do that.

But before that, the 90 Day Fiance star made it to “Hong Kong, Macau, and S. Korea.” Not letting a teaching opportunity go by overseas, she “volunteered as an English teacher for kindergarteners.” Then, she spoke about her personality type. Emily said she’s an “extroverted introvert” That means she enjoys “deep conversation” if they take place naturally. But, she prefers if you don’t hold a conversation when she watches the television.


Emily’s fans happy she talked about ADHD

She also touched on other things like food preferences. Emily loves spicy food. But Sasha’s not really used to it. Many fans responded to the post, especially those with ADHD. Emily told a fan who liked that she got diagnosed at school, “I would have never finished school without therapy and treatment.”

Now you know Emily a little bit better, what do you think about what she said and what fans saw on 90 Day Fiance? Sound off in the comments below.

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